Developing a Healthy Routine in 2019

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As we break away from the first few months of the new year, where everything is detox this, fitness that, we finally get into a routine. Hopefully that routine is more effective than the one we had the prior year, but if there is one thing that I recommend for creating healthy habits, it’s developing a new and improved routine! Prior to even studying nutrition, it was how I approached every day. Today, I have a routine for just about everything as it helps me stay organized, which decreases my stress levels and enables me to ultimately feel my best.


From exercise to meditation, plant based products and more, below is a list of ways that I adhere to a routine and manifest wellness in the new year.



Fitness: I know, you’ve heard it a thousand times, but exercise is just as imperative as the diet. While you can’t outrun your fork, you need to keep a regular fitness routine. I find that working out with a partner or taking a class allows me to focus and enjoy the mundane task of hitting the gym. Also, switch up your classes. Take classes, and mix it up, as you’ll get better results by keeping your body guessing.


Meditation: You can physically or mentally meditate, but whatever you do, allocate time to just be still and quiet the noise. We are always consumed with social media and typically overstimulated, leading to exhaustion. I always set aside time whether it be in the morning or at night to just regroup and have “me time”. Quiet time can decrease stress levels, enable us to be present, improve our sleep and generally create a better mood.


Cooking: While any nutritionist can preach about food all day, the true answer is, you need to get in the kitchen and start cooking. As a whole, I feel that we lack passion for our diet. By including more cooking into your routine, you’ll find yourself eating healthier, and again, feeling better. Check out the bottom of this post for more tips and tricks to really connecting with your food and taking pride in your diet.





Coffee: Coffee can get a bad reputation, because like anything, too much is not a good thing. However, coffee provides many health benefits such as less risk for heart disease, depression, Alzheimer’s, Type II Diabetes, and even lower your risk of multiple sclerosis. A typical serving of coffee also contains more antioxidants than typical servings of grape juice, blueberries, raspberries, and oranges.


So if drinking coffee is your routine, don’t fear, there are many benefits to consuming a cup of joe. The thing we need to focus on is what type of half & half or creamer we are using. Today there are multiple dairy free options, one in particular is the Coffee mate® natural bliss® Plant Based Half & Half. I was personally excited to discover this product as I found many other varieties to be underwhelming.




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​You can find both of these products in the creamer section at your local Walmart. Featuring countless new plant based options at a competitive price, I always choose Walmart for my plant based needs! ​




Cooking Tips:


  • First and foremost, don’t give up. Failure is inevitable with cooking. It happens to the best of us, but keep trying! I always remind myself that cooking is a learning experience. We must always challenge ourselves in the kitchen, celebrate the successes, but don’t internalize failures.
  • Make a commitment to always try something new. Whether it’s a recipe, and fruit or veggie, a cooking method, or anything. Mix it up to keep yourself interested and engaged.


    • Not crazy about vegetables period?! It can take your tastebuds up to two weeks to turn over (die), which means that you may still crave sweeter foods that you enjoyed prior until that takes place. Also, even your gut bacteria can be programmed to crave sugar, which is why probiotics are a great option. Make a plan to enjoy blander foods for at least a few weeks and “poof”, you’ll be craving them!





    • Feel like you’re dishes lack diversity?! Make it a routine to incorporate as many colors you can into recipes. You’ll realize how much nutrients you can pack on without comprising flavor with this approach.


    • Getting bored with flavor profiles?! Incorporate citrus into recipes! It adds another dimension of flavor and even makes iron more absorbable. Incorporating heat also creates a new flavor altogether and enables you to eat slower, experience food more, listen to your body, and even raises your metabolism.


      • Always use fresh herbs! Many of us reach for convenience and opt for the store bought dry herbs. However, I find it is a better habit to buy the fresh! They pack more flavor and nutrients, forcing you to use them before they expire thus promoting cooking. If you find it to be too expensive, simply buy some seeds! I’ve grown countless varieties indoors with no issues.


    • More ways to pack on the veggies: When it comes to any recipe I’m always searching for ways to pack on the veggies. If it’s green I throw in avocado or greens, if its a salad or sandwich I’m throwing on pickled veggies! Find room to get more veggies!





    • We all need a dessert, so choose fruit instead of a lot of added sugar: When creating healthy desserts try and derive the majority of the sugar from fresh fruit. You typically use less and it provides an additional boost of nutrients.


  • Add texture to dishes! Whenever I whip up anything I aim to derive a lot of texture as it keeps dishes more interesting. I use dried fruits, nuts, or seeds as they can easily be thrown in and nuts provide healthy fats which actually increase your absorption of fat soluble vitamins such as A, D, and K.


  • If you’re not into veggies sautéed, steamed or baked, try grilling! (it’s my fave)
  • Eat in season! Produce is better quality and packs more nutrients when it’s thriving. Opt for items that are in season and even local if possible. Local means less travel times, supports small farmers, and produce will contain more nutrients due to minimal travel time.








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