While pursuing a career as a nutritionist at NYU, I struggled to find an exclusive site that offered not only current nutrition related material, but cutting edge plant based recipes from someone with credentials. As a nutritionist with an MS + BS in Clinical Nutrition, Eat Drink Shrink was founded on the belief that current nutrition information backed by research, along with innovative plant based recipes, and all things wellness should be accessible to all under a single domain. Through Eat Drink Shrink readers are able to better navigate plant based living and radically change their diet. 







Building traffic and exposure for a product is essential today in a world that revolves around digital media and advancing technology. Since the inception of Eat Drink Shrink I’ve produced over 700 recipes and partnered with upwards of 200 companies to date. 
I hope that through my experience as a nutritionist working in recipe and product development that I can offer you insight on how to improve and perfect your overall product line and build your brand.




To inquire about partnerships, brand ambassador programs and features on Eat Drink Shrink, feel free to reach out through my social media platforms below or email me directly by clicking the link provided above.  








As a recipe developer I draw on my personal experience as a culinary student and MS clinical nutritionist to translate complex and intricate flavors into recipes that are approachable for even who are new to cooking. 


My objective is to dismantle the belief that you have to compromise in the flavor department when it comes to cooking plant based cuisine. Recipes can absolutely be colorful, flavorful, aesthetically pleasing all while being nutrient dense.










My cooking style is said to combine curiosity, food trends, aesthetics, and a deep understanding of flavor profiles and textures that blend seamlessly together. I can work with any food allergy or diet modifications/restriction to develop a personalized recipe for you or your company. To request a press kit with additional samples of recipe development and pricing information please contact me directly at





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