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10 Easy Vegan Potato Recipes










Recipe  Roundup 





When it comes to carbs, I’m all about the potatoes. I love them mashed, smashed, or baked! What’s even more fab about potatoes? You can easily mix up the flavor profiles to cater to your tastebuds or the season!


Bonus, potatoes are always in season, cheap and easy to throw together, they make the best side dish, and they can easily be made in bulk!


That being said, we’re all about the potatoes in this house!


From Salt + Vinegar Potatoes to classic Lemon + Dill to Brown Butter Sage Mash and more, there is something for everyone!




Have a favorite potato concept you’d like to see on EDS?

Let me know!








Crispy Smashed Potatoes

with Poblano Cream





Brown Butter Sage Mash





Caramelized Onion Mash





Crispy Smashed Buffalo Potatoes





Dijon Potatoes

with Horseradish Cream 





Crispy Potatoes

with Basil Aioli





Crispy Old Bay Potatoes

with Remoulade Cream





Everything Bagel Potatoes

with Chive Cream 





Crispy Lemon Dill Potatoes





Crispy Salt + Vinegar Potatoes


















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