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Vegan Herb Cashew Cheese with Pickled Blueberries














Lately I’ve been all about creating effortless appetizers! While it’s easy just to pick something ready made up from the store after a long day, I love homemade! Just like everything else, it taste better when homemade! 


Back in my early cooking days cashews were making a comeback and you would see endless cheesecakes and cheese recipes flooding Pinterest. I explored the cheesecake concept and tried a few cheese recipes, but all in all I wasn’t greatly impressed. Nothing compared to the gourmet vegan cheeses you would come across. 


That being said, I wanted to revisit vegan cheese to create the most stress free recipe that didn’t require using cheese clothes or fancy tools, but just a simple food processor, and the vegan Herb Cashew Cheese was born! What I love about this recipe is all of the above, plus it packs dry and fresh herbs, tons of flavor, you could even throw in spinach to not only garner more nutrients, but create a gorgeous hue, it’s packed with protein, filling, the texture is perfect, you could enjoy it by itself or throw in a pasta dish. 


Now lets talk about these pickled blueberries! Since social distancing and experiencing a lack of food options, I’ve been trying pickling recipes. It’s a great way to salvage food on the way out and they can enhance countless dishes. While I love pickled veggies, I had yet to explore pickled fruit. Although this cashew cheese could hold up on its own, I knew it would be a win win when combined with these pickled blueberries! What’s great about these blueberries, is honestly, everything! The flavor is much more impactful. They have a hint of sweet and spice and will leave you just thinking, wow. If you feel lost with what to do with pickled blueberries, you can really put them on anything as they are just that good! 






What’s great about these two recipes is that they pair seamlessly together, are both quick easy, affordable, can easily be made in bulk, are perfect for any season, perfect for entertaining, and make for the perfect bite with a glass of wine!




If you’re all about cashew cheese or all things pickled, you have to try this new recipe for vegan Herb Cashew Cheese with pickled blueberries!












Why this recipe is great: 







Flavor packed 

Perfect for entertaining 

Perfect for any season 

Cheese + blueberries can be used in other dishes 































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  1. L Anderson says:

    What’s the amount of lemon juice pickles with the blueberries? You mention it above as part of cheese, but not below.

    1. That was a typo. Please omit lemon juice in the pickled blueberries unless desired. I tried it with the addition of lemon juice and it was really good, but I removed it in the final recipe to keep it more simple.

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