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Over the last 9 months I’ve been scouring the internet to explore the best of the best in natural baby products. Since I was a child, natural options have exploded and small business are abundant. That being said, I wanted to create a list that showcases the best natural options today from large distributors to small Etsy shops and more.


Many choose everyday brands perhaps due to the price point. However, you can find non toxic options at competitive prices today making them more practical.


From teethers to pacifiers, bottles and more, these are a few of my favorites I came across and why I chose them! I’m most excited about the Elvie hands free breast pump and the Oli&Carol teethers!! Be sure to check back in the fall for a follow up guide to convey product quality and what worked for us.




Have you tried any of these products?

Are there others you love or are curious about?

I’d love to know!








Ecopiggy is the nation’s leading distributor of natural children’s products.  From reusable lunch bags to organic teethers to natural nail polish, we closely research each brand, confirming quality of product and fair trade practices.


Learn more about Ecopiggy here


Ecopiggy Ecopacifier Natural Rubber is the preferred natural rubber pacifier. Sustainably made from 100% natural rubber, from the tree Hevea brasiliensis, ecopacifier is softer and more natural than artificial silicone. Our round shield lightly touches the child’s nose, simulating the soothing feel of breast feeding.

Ecopacifier’s single-piece design ensures no small pieces to gather dirt and germs, and no small pieces means no choking hazards. Ecopiggy natural rubber pacifiers are made without chemical softeners or colorants, and are BPA-Free, Phthalate-Free, PVC-Free, and Paraben-Free.


Ecopiggy Nasal Aspirator: Designed by Rhoost, the ecopiggy nasal aspirator is a safe and easy way to keep nasal passages clear. Unlike other aspirators, ours does not require a filter. There is no risk of mucus or bacterial transfer because of the unique design of the aspirator. Ecopiggy nasal aspirator is powered by parent suction, and is a safe and effective alternative to the bulb aspirator. No need to worry about filters or batteries running out, the Ecopiggy snot sucker is a parent’s best friend during cold, flu, and allergy season.


ASPIRATOR: Soft hosptial grade silicone tip is designed to fit comfortably into your child’s nose for effective suction.

COVER CAP: Convenient for on-the-go sucking, when you don’t have facilities to clean the tube but want to keep your child’s passages clean.

CLEANING BRUSH: Easily and effectively clean aspirator. CARRY BAG: Keep everything consolidated in this cloth carry bag. Great for diaper bag organizing too!


Why I chose Eco Piggy: I came across their company and they distribute other brands. However, I loved their own brand that offers natural pacifiers and even a Nasal Aspirator which are imperative with newborns. I kept hearing about only one nasal aspirator on the market today, the Nose Frida, so I was excited to discover another option so that I can compare the two. Be sure to check back to see how they stack up against each other. 








Learn more about the Bibs company here


About the Product:

  • A favorite for both moms and babies for over forty years, the bibs natural rubber baby pacifier allows your child to self-soothe by exercising their instinctive sucking instinct in the most natural way possible, by mimicking both the shape and soft materials of mothers’ breast. Their classic appearance captures a look that’s both timeless and elegant.
  • 100% free from BPA, PVC and phthalates.
  • Designed and manufactured in Denmark.


Why I chose Bibs: I happened to see this company more and more via social media and was intrigued by the neutral color designs, the fact that they are non toxic, produced in Denmark, and were also on Etsy! I’m excited to see how these hold up compared to the fully rubber pacifier options. Be sure to check back in the fall. 










Oli&Carol is a recent born company from Barcelona specialized in designing natural baby rubber toys for modern parents and their kids. The creative souls behind the brand are Olimpia and Carolina, 23 and 18 year old sisters who decided to start a business based in Barcelona two years ago. They love design and nature and wanted to create environmentally friendly products in a business where they could enjoy and have fun together.


Oli&Carol toys are made out of 100% pure rubber from Hevea trees, all in one piece with no holes to let water come inside. As a result they are perfect for soothing gums, hygienic, safe to chew and biodegradable. They are used as teethers, bath toys, decorative objects and more. Discover everything about our products in our Why Oli&Carol section.


Learn more about their company here


Our fruits and veggies are designed with no holes so when they’re floating about, no bacteria or mold is created! Find out the 4 other members of the Fruits&Veggies family! Shop all their designs here


No Holes = No Mold


• Made from 100% natural rubber from Malaysian Hevea trees and hand painted with safe, natural food graded dyes

• Ecological, biodegradable, and eco-friendly

 Non-Toxic: BPA, PVC, Phthalate and Nitrosamine free

• Anti-bacterial and highly hygienic

• Soft, easy to grasp and safe to chew

• Used as teethers, bath toys, decorative objects and more

• Stimulates the baby’s senses and soothes teething gums

• Designed in Barcelona / Made in Morocco.

• Due to the use of natural rubber, there may be minor variations in color and shape


Why I chose Oli&Carol: As soon as I saw this company, I was instantly obsessed. Whether it be the fun modern fruit/veggie designs, the bright colors, the fact that they are natural, biodegradable, eco friendly, they won’t grow mold, and was just sold! This company was also started by two women in Barcelona and I loved their story! Be sure to check back for a review and expect to see their fun teethers all on social media!











It was back in 2008. With the world changing at the speed of light, and smartphones quickly becoming the emblem of the Millennials, we were baffled to see that “things” for babies remained ever so status quo. So we decided to challenge the convention and set out to make a change! After all, as Mark Twain once said, “All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure.” Well, we found out that isn’t exactly true. We had to learn. A lot. Importantly, we realized that we had to be… “Better than Good”


Learn more about Comotomo here



Bottles: In designing our bottle, we sought out to resolve all existing problems with standard baby bottles. We placed smart, non-leaking dual air-vents to prevent colic, made a truly wide-neck design for easy cleaning, and used a hygienic silicone material so that you never have to worry about toxic chemicals. Above all, our bottle is designed to mimic breastfeeding to help babies easily transition back and forth from nursing to bottle feeding. It’s rescued so many families dealing with ‘nipple confusion’ and ‘bottle rejection’ that our Comotomo mama’s coined the term “Breastfeeding in a Bottle!”



Teethers: When it comes to all things baby, we agree that the single most important thing is safety. After exploring various options, we found out that silicone was not only safe and completely non-toxic, but also had the perfect blend of soft and chewy texture. It offers the perfect bite!













Nano Bebe revolutionized the feeding industry in 2006 when, as the founders of BornFree, we introduced the first BPA-free baby bottles. Now we’re back, having joined forces with a team of pediatricians, lactation consultants, and biomedical engineers to once again shake up the market with the first baby bottle designed to preserve essential breastmilk nutrients.


Learn more about the company here




This exclusive Newborn Set includes some of our most innovative products: Breastmilk Bottles to help preserve breastmilk nutrients during storage and warming and our non-electric Smart Warming Bowl for quick and even warming of breastmilk.  The set also features essential accessories such as medium flow and slow flow nipples and breast pump adaptors.  Also included are our Microwave Steam Sterilizer, which quickly eliminates household bacteria, and our space-saving Compact Drying Rack.



• Breastmilk Bottles – designed to preserve breastmilk nutrients
• Smart Warming Bowl – unique geometry of bottle and bowl enables efficient warming of breastmilk
• Microwave Steam Sterilizer – quickly eliminates 99.9% of household bacteria
• Compact Drying Rack – fast, hygienic drying, slim storage


Why I chose Nanobebe: Typically baby bottles all have a uniform design whether non toxic or not. However, with Nanobebe I was intrigued by the innovative shape which mirrors the breast and also allows for an even distribution of heating the milk without compromising the nutrients, and that they are also BPA free. Curious about their products?! Be sure to check back for a review this fall!









In those days, the only animal toys available were farm animals and pet figures. That is why one day in France, a certain Monsieur RAMPEAU, who was an expert in transforming the latex from the HEVEA tree using the rotational moulding of rubber as a toy-making concept, came up with the idea of designing Sophia the Giraffe. Such an exotic wildlife figure would be a first on the market, and its size and shape would be ideal for a baby’s small hand to grasp.



Why Sophia the Giraffe

So Pure Teether:

  • 100% natural rubber
  • The first teething ring made of 100% natural rubber!
  • Ideal for soothing painful gums with natural teething ring.
  • The two rings have different textured surfaces for baby to choose from according to his age and needs, to give even faster relief for aching gums.
  • 100% natural rubber
  • Perfect for baby’s small hands



Sophia the Giraffe bath toy

  • Ideal to have fun with during bath-time!
  •  Healthy, it is made of 100% natural rubber from the rubber tree’s sap and alimentary painting.
  • With its soft texture, Babies will be able to have fun chewing the many parts (earns, horns…) of this floating toy with the image of Sophie la girafe.
  • Hygienic, the water cannot get inside the toy so it avoids bacteria and mold. With its rubber ring form, it is easy to grip for small hands.



Why I chose Sophia the Giraffe: Whether you have a baby or not, I guarantee you’ve seen pictures of or heard about Sophia the Giraffe! The design is iconic, it’s non toxic, and today they offer a variety of products in addition to their staple giraffe. Since the price point can be on the higher side for some consumers, I was curious as to whether the price was warranted and had to sample one. Be sure to check back for a review this fall!









Here at Joovy, we’re not just corporate hotshots in an office designing products to sell. We’ve been where our customers are, and everything we make reflects that. No more throwaway products, no more ugly patterns and cheap design.What we build here is designed to grow with families, not fill up a crowded garage and be outmoded the next time you have another baby.

We want you to get a Joovy product, and use it until it’s run ragged by the memories you make together as a family.

Learn about the company here






Boob Diamond Bottle

  • 50% less breakable than the original Boob Glass
  • Temperature shock resistant
  • Tough enough to go from freezer to bottle warmer
  • BPA, BPS, phthalate, and lead free
  • Easy any-angle venting
  • Natural feel for breastfed babies
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • Five different flow options, from newborn formula to cereal


Why I chose Joovy: This company produces an array of products from strollers to bottles and more. However I loved that they offered glass bottle designs that even have a rubber cover to protect them from breaking. The sleek modern designs, the fact that they are non toxic, I had to try! Be sure to check back for a full review this fall. 









That’s right. The Doddle and Company nipple was designed to only have a pullback when it takes a real tumble to the floor or the ground. Otherwise, if it falls on baby’s chest or crib, the nipple will stay extended & ready for baby.

Learn more about the company here



The pop®a cleaner pacifier

An ethereal selection of shades that are opposites but somehow complementary. We liken it to the hues you may see in a dream.




The chew®a poppable teether

Introducing an addictive new way to satisfy aching gums + busy hands. Using the same patented “pop” technology as our beloved pacifiers, these modern teethers are sure to soothe babies + their parents.



Why I chose Doddle & Co: Today you can find an array of natural pacifiers, but the design is rather uniform. However, when I came across Doddle & Co I was intrigued to find a innovative pacifier that actually inverts when dropped to protect it from germs. Whether it was the designs, the vibrant colors or the fact that they are non toxic, I was instantly sold on their products! They also offer teethers that are shaped like keys since babies tend to reach for them. Such a great concept! Be sure to check back for a full review this fall. 








Madeleines Box was created when I was pregnant with my second baby, Ezra, I was looking for a simple but cute pacifier clip for him and I couldn’t quite find anything that suited my taste so I took matters into my own hands and made his very first pacifier clip. I loved the look so much, I made a handful of them and I was inspired to open this business, which is named after my first born: Madeline.


Learn more about the company here


Why I chose Madeleines Box: In addition to pacifiers you need the clips to prevent losing them as babies drop them all the time. That being said I was curious to find some non toxic vegan options to use. I kept seeing this company via social media and love how they are a small Etsy based business, they offer an array of handmade designs, various colors, prints, fabrics, and had to try them! 










Historically, HEVEA began as a question that needed an answer: how to take care of our children and our planet just a little bit better. That makes everything quite simple for us: we were born of an urge to do better. To show that how we act and live in the world makes a difference to ourselves, and our children – the citizens of tomorrow. The lack of natural options for our future generations and the choices we have to make was what made us turn to Hevea Brasiliensis – natural rubber, and this has formed the basis of our mission and our purpose from the very beginning.


Learn more about Hevea here


Hevea Pacifier: Have you been trying to find a pacifier that is plastic-free, non-toxic, and sustainably made? The original HEVEA natural rubber pacifier was created over ten years ago here in Copenhagen. The orthodontic star and moon pacifier is handcrafted out of pure natural rubber with a silky touch, and of course, toxic-free and compostable. HEVEA pacifiers are considerately designed to be soft and gentle on your baby’s face and has brand unique ventilation holes. The solid and ergonomically butterfly shape is thoughtfully designed give space for the nose and chin. Our packaging is designed for gifting and made from FSC certified paper, but you have the option to receive your order without packaging. Orthodontic, 0-3 and 3-36 months and Large Teat.


Ducky: Have you been trying to figure out which products are actually sustainable and non-toxic for your child? The iconic Kawan is handcrafted out of pure natural rubber with a silky touch, and of course, toxic free and compostable. Each duck is hand painted and unique to its brothers and sisters, but always cute. Kawan’s shape, colors, and elasticity are thoughtfully designed to encourage your baby’s sensation of touch and stimulate their development of vision. Kawan is made for playing, teething, and bathing and doesn’t have a water hole so your child won’t be exposed to mold. Please send us an email if you’d prefer to receive your order without packaging to be planet friendly.



2in1 Baby Glass Bottle with Star Ball: Does your little one drop everything that you hand them? You’re not alone, so we’ve evolved our pure borosilicate glass bottle to include the natural rubber star ball as a breakage preventer… bouncing when dropped, rather than cracking. The star ball is easily gripped by slippery fingers and can be used as a toy without the bottle. It comes with a pure natural rubber nipple and dust cover to prevent leakage in your bag.


Natural Bath Mat: Have you been trying to find a safe, non-slip bath mat that is also non-plastic? The HEVEA bath mat allows your little ones to splash around at bath time without the risk of slipping or being exposed to harmful chemicals. Each bath mat is made from 100% pure natural rubber and is BPA, phthalate and PVC free. The 200 suction cups keep the mat firmly adhered to the bottom of the bath tub. 


Why I chose Hevea: There are so many reasons why I loved this company! They offer an array of natural staple items derived from the Hevea trees. From natural pacifiers to bath mats, glass bottles and more, they have so many great finds. In addition to the products being non toxic I loved the unique designs for the pacifiers and the glass bottle protectors with shapes cut out. I also struggled to find a natural bath mat from a reputable company so was excited to discover theirs. On top of all these fab items, they also offer the cutest ducky bath collection made from that won’t develop mold. Searching for a colored natural pacifier?! They just launched one of the first colored natural lines!! Be sure to check back for a full review this fall!






I’m Lindsey Ferrell, owner of Ryan & Rose and the creator of Cutie Clips and Cutie PATs. I’m a former teacher for the deaf at White Station High School in Memphis, TN, a nationally certified interpreter for the Deaf (NIC), a proud wife that married her high school sweetheart, (yep we started dating when I was 14) and mother of Ryan Rose, our 6 year old daughter and Charley Ruth, our two year old. I’m proof that by having faith and trusting in God, anything is possible.


Learn more about Ryan & Rose here



Charlie Cutie Clip

Nylon cord, six medium food grade silicone beads, one medium natural beech wood bead, and a lead free stainless steel Ryan & Rose clip. Due to the nature of the beech wood beads, grain and dark spots will be visible and will vary with each clip. If desired, a bees wax or coconut oil can be applied sparingly to seal the wood which may add longevity to the beads.







Cutie Pats

Named of its function, the Cutie PAT is a Pacifier and Teether in one. This multifunctional pacifier is made in two different stages: Stage 1 and Stage 2.  The Cutie PAT pacifier is made with 100% medical grade silicone. It is safe, non-toxic, and free of BPA, PVC, phthalates, and latex. The Cutie PAT is US CPSIA compliant and FDA approved, designed in the USA and made in China.

The Cutie PAT was created with a dual purpose in mind: the pacifier side was created to soothe an infant/baby, and the teether portion was developed to aid with teething relief.


Cutie Tensils: 

TheCutie Tensil is perfect for introducing solids, as well as transitioning your child to a standard utensil. The easy-grip handle promotes the development of fine motor skills through the independence of self feeding.

Made with 100% food grade silicone. Free of BPA, PVC, phthalates, and latex. FDA approved. Non toxic. CPSIA Compliant. Designed in the USA. Made in China.


Why I chose Ryan & Rose: This was one of the last companies I came across the I knew I had to feature. They are a small business that features pacifiers that also serve as teether, clips and more. There are still limitations on designs for natural pacifiers so I loved their design, the washable clips are also a little more practical (fabric ones will stain), and lastly I loved their innovative silicone utensils as I’d yet to come across anything similar. The only drawback is that the products are not produced in the USA. However, many products are sourced from there and that doesn’t mean the quality will be compromised. Based on all of the above I knew they would be great products to test! Be sure to check back for a review come fall.  









Elvie is bringing women’s technology out of the dark ages

Here’s the thing. Women shouldn’t have to make do with shoddy design or pink spin-offs when there are self-driving cars in the world.

Our mission is to improve women’s lives through smarter technology.

We approach problems as women and solve them as engineers, scientists and designers, starting with a real need and innovating around it.


We create new products, new solutions and a fair few conversations while we’re at it. We don’t do controversy for controversy’s sake, but we’re committed to talking candidly about women’s bodies in order to give them the products they deserve. Armed with genuine female insight and world-class design expertise, we’re working to transform the way women think and feel about themselves.


Learn more about the company here





Pump anytime, anywhere with the Elvie Pump


Elvie Pump makes it possible to pump on your own terms – at home, at work or on-the-go. Ditch the hours spent hidden in cupboards, tethered to a wall or cleaning tubes. With Elvie Pump you can lead the meeting, get outside or simply enjoy some peace and quiet… all while you pump.


WearableSmall and lightweight, Elvie Pump is worn inside a standard nursing bra, making it truly hands-free. Nothing to tie you down – or slow you down.

SilentRevolutionary technology eliminates noise so that you can pump in peace – anytime, anywhere. It’s in stealth mode so that you don’t have to be.

Hassle-freeFrom setup to clean up, using Elvie Pump is simple – it has just 5 parts to clean and takes seconds to assemble. No cords, no wardrobe changes, no fuss.

SmartConnect to the free Elvie Pump app to monitor milk volume in real time, track pumping history for each breast and control the pump remotely.
(Elvie Pump works with or without the app).


In addition to the innovate hands free breast pump, they also make the Elvie Trainer.

I’ll just let you learn more about that product on your own lol



Why I chose Elvie: All I’m going to say, is God bless Elvie. Breast pumps have come a long way in recent years, but this hands free design is the most cutting edge today and there is only one other company that offers a similar product. Breast feeding is a full time job, but many of us also have full time jobs on top of that. That being said, a hands free option can make a world of a difference with enabling you to multi task while you pump. Since breast feeding is my top priority and I was most excited about this product as it’s such a game changer. Be sure to check back this fall for a full review on product quality. 













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