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Truth, as a mom of 2 I spend my money on produce, things for the kids, and bills. That being said, I’m always vigilant of where my money goes and the companies I support. I make sure to invest in things we really need, because the older I get the more I find..  the less I need. A few things this year that will forever be on my needs list and might make it on yours.. 




Good skincare, good sheets, an air purifier, unmatched learning toys for the kids, and an amazing juicer!


I’ve tried endless skincare products in the realm of non toxic and not, high end sheets to those that feel like paper on the skin lol, toys from non toxic to plastic, and have juiced for over 10 years without a juicer.. and these are a few of my favorite things!



Have something you love and don’t see here? 

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Avocado Green Mattress




It started in 2015, when we wanted a green mattress — made from non-toxic, natural and organic materials — that we could actually afford. But instead of options, we found snake oil and charlatans. What was being marketed as green, all-natural or non-toxic was, in truth, hardly so …



Unlike other mattress and bed-in-a-box companies, our products are handcrafted in the USA without petroleum-based polyurethane foam, without toxic flame retardants, without dangerous pesticides, and without risk from volatile chemicals and gases. Our luxury products are healthy and respect the planet.


  • Learn more about the company here
  • Learn why organic is best here
  • Learn more about the product here



Suvin Sheets:

Our Superfine Suvin Sheets are made exclusively from GOTS organic certified Indian Suvin Cotton, one of the world’s rarest Extra Long Staple cotton varieties. Truly extraordinary, they offer what few sheets can — a 1,000 thread count per inch, a lavishly soft feel that improves with each wash, a lustrous Sateen finish, and environmental standards that push “eco-luxury” to new heights. Sheet set includes 1 Flat Sheet, 1 Fitted Sheet, 2 Pillowcases. Twin and Twin XL sheet sets come with 1 Pillowcase. For our Luxury Plush Mattress, order Deep Pocket Suvin Sheets.






Organic Luxury Plush Pillow: Featuring an innovative, three-chambered design, our Luxury Plush Pillow provides tension-relieving support for your head, neck, and shoulders. The sustainable, natural molded Talalay latex core is surrounded by a top and bottom layer of wool silk mohair for a contouring, medium-soft pillow that’s breathable, temperature regulating, and eliminates excess moisture. And the 100% GOTS organic certified cover is easy to remove and spot clean. No toxic glues or adhesives.




Avocado Molded Latex Pillow: Need more from your pillow? We designed our Molded Latex Pillow for back- and side-sleepers and others in need of a firmer pillow for greater neck support. The pillow, molded from a charcoal-infused latex core, holds its shape evenly and regulates temperature while eliminating odors and excess moisture. A removable, GOTS organic certified cotton cover is soft, light, and easy to clean. Toss and turn no more.


Review: I’m a huge supporter of the Avocado Mattress company. They offer an array of non toxic bedding options, some vegan, from mattresses to sheets, pillows, pillow tops, and more. We have all of their bedding and I have to say, its made such a positive impact on the quality of our sleep. I love their mattresses, but absolutely recommend the additional pillow top. I’ve never used one prior, but it makes the mattress just more plush and is such a game changer. 

In terms of sheets I’ve spent upwards of $250-300 on Pottery Barn options and I’ve had Frette sheets, which are even more costly. I can say with confidence though, that the 1000 threat count Avocado Suvin sheets, completely eclipse those in terms of quality. I know many can be more on the conservative side with buying sheets, but I promise you the quality is visible. With quality sheets you sleep better and they will also outlive affordable options. The one thing you have to keep in mind with these sheets is that you can’t wash them with any sort of whiteners, That being said, you need to be careful with them. 

In addition to sheets Avocado also offer pillows. I found them to be a little more on the firm side making them great for back support, and less ideal for sleeping. Everyone has their own pillow preferences though, so they could be a good match for some!







Kat Burki is a pioneering beauty brand, uniquely powered by cutting edge nutritional science to deliver cold processed, nutrient dense formulations that are recognized as much for what they do contain as for what they don’t. Every Kat Burki product is packed with intelligently created Super Nutrient Complexes for maximum potency with every element having a purpose.  There are no unnecessary fillers such as water, silicone, and alcohol, utilizing instead our trademarked signature blend, KB5 Complex™. These therapies are specifically created to be highly efficacious and personalized for every skin concern within three distinct skincare line offerings; Essential Radiance, Advanced Anti Aging and PRO B Repair.  The Kat Burki Collection delivers effective, instant-impact therapies for youthful, healthy looking skin.


Bio Cream:


Kat Burki has pioneered America’s first pressed serum. Uncover your skin’s full potential.
Imagine the fountain of youth in a bottle. Our most complex ingredient deck to date, formulated to support skin’s healing from the aging process. Vitamin B is known for tapping into your body’s own healing mechanisms to repair your skin, reverse damage, detox and protect it from harmful aggressors that create skin inflammation and break down. Neuropeptides provide a protective matrix layer that keeps repaired and renewed skin cells intact, shielding from future environmental toxins. The antioxidant powerhouse Astaxanthin, which creates the nutrient rich base giving this extraordinary formula its orangey brown appearance, supports skin’s healing from the deepest layers, providing a youthful healthy radiance while combating free radical damage.



Recovery Eye Serum

This uniquely hydrating lightweight serum reawakens tired eyes. Powered by strengthening antioxidants and the Super
Nutrient Complex of Rose Hip Seed Oil and Vitamin C (STAY-C), delivered with DMAE
and 1% Retinol
(ROVISOME), the fast-absorbing formula is formulated for maximum



Eye Crème Complex

This luxuriously rich eye Crème utilizes a powerful combination of Pro Vitamin B Complex and Neuropeptides for potent transformative benefits.



Review: I could honestly go on and on about KB products, because I was just that impressed. I happened to come across this brand back in 2017 and even the packaging alone just caught my eye.


What sets the KB brand apart from others?


KB features the first certified Cold Processing Technology to ensure that all vital ingredients and antioxidants retain maximal effectiveness. The Kat Burki line is also refreshingly GMO free, cruelty free and all products are manufactured in the USA, which has some of the most stringent rules around labeling and false claims. 


My experience 

I’ve tried endless eye creams throughout the years and have never found anything that gave visible results, until I tried Kb! I tried the rose hip serum with the eye cream and the combination of the two have really made my eyes look more vibrant and awake, and are just pure magic together. The eye cream is less thick than others I’ve try, but don’t let that fool you, the hydration factor is just the same. I typically use heavier eye creams, but I found those I have to reapply and they can even clog your tear ducts or make you break out. The KB eye cream is effective and doesn’t need to be reapplied, which I love. I’ve never used an additional eye serum in my beauty routine, but I promise it’s worth it. 

As someone with dry skin, I’ve explored a myriad of face creams. I’ve done heavier creams that can over saturate the skin, make you break out, and your skin still looks dull. However, the KB Bio Cream is hydrating, but light, concentrated, evens the skin tone, and gives you a natural glow without drying out the skin. The look and feel of it reminds me of a gel versus the typical cream based, but don’t let it fool you, it hydrates! Since my skin is on the dryer side and the colder temps are rolling in, I do top my skin with a lil facial oil. This cream is on the pricier side, but a little goes a long way and just like the eye cream, the results are visible. 

I can’t wait to explore the remainder of the line. Based on the positive experience I’ve had I’d envision that all KB products are a win win. Everyone has different skin needs, but I promise you, KB delivers. If you’re searching for a skincare line that gives results, please check them out!





Parasol Diapers

Browse all their products here



Natural diapers for sensitive skin with RashShield™ protection to guard your baby against diaper rash. Our premium diapers feature a unique, absorbent system that instantly wicks moisture away and locks it deep down to keep baby clear and dry.



Parasol unscented and hypoallergenic baby wipes are made from medical grade nonwoven fabrics and a gentle plant-based formula to nourish and restore baby’s sensitive skin. Our natural baby wipes are 99% reverse osmosis H2O and thicker than average for an effective wipe that will clean more with less.


Why Parasol: Believe it or not, diapers are a great Black Friday find! Out of all the diapers I sampled during my first pregnancy, these felt the most luxurious. That’s a bold statement as I sampled upwards of 10 different non toxic brands! The prints are precious! So precious I honestly feel bad tossing them when done lol. The material is buttery soft, they do hold a lot and have the sizing printed on them. (preference) I didn’t experience any leaks with these as long as they fit. However, the do run on the smaller side and don’t have an absorbency line.

Ronin outgrew a size 2 in these while others fit. I also loved the wipes! They are the standard size, you get 80 in a pack next to the common 60, thick, soaked, and get the job done. I also enjoyed the feminine care options they offered. At this time I believe they no longer carry them, but now feature skincare products and have rebranded their packaging to be a lil less colorful, but still eye catching! Needless to day, Parasol holds up and is absolutely one of my favorites. 


Save: Save 25% off your next order by entering EDS25







Let’s talk Caraway pans! As someone who is always cooking, a good pan set is imperative. I’ve tried countless pans, and even some of the more expensive are underwhelming in quality. When you’re doing dishes daily, you need a pan that is seamless to clean. You need Caraway! I noticed there was so much hype around this brand and assumed that it was just a lot of buzz and that they were just like your run of the mill pans. However, they do live up to the hype.



What I liked: 

  • Retains heat really well
  • Nonstick
  • Includes magnetic pan rack and lid holder
  • Comes in array of beautiful colors
  • Carries all the pans I need


What you may not like: 

  • Need to hand-wash
  • Price is on the higher side
  • Stainless steel handles get hot
  • Can easily scratch



The Caraway Cookware Set lives up to its promise of providing impressive nonstick capabilities without any of the downsides, and while the price is higher than others, it’s absolutely a worthwhile investment.

The set also comes with magnetic pan racks that perfectly hold each pot in an upright, sideways position and a canvas lid holder that you can hang on the inside of your cabinet door so you have easy access to the lids whenever you need them. When it came time to put the cookware away, the magnetic pan holder really reduced its footprint in our cabinet. These included extras immediately set the cookware apart from other sets we own, which end up stacked in a pile in our cabinet. Another nice little touch is the inclusion of two cork-board trivets stamped with the Caraway logo.


Save up to 25% now through Black Friday.

Missed the sale? Message me for an exclusive code!







The Molekule Air Pro Purifier is a high-performance unit designed to clean the air in spaces up to 1000 sf. That’s 40% more coverage than the original Molekule Air and 75% more coverage than the Molekule Mini. In our air purification tests, it removed 94.4% of airborne particulates, achieving a PM2.5 of 0.3, PM10 of 0.4, and AQI of 1. The Molekule Air Pro is easy to use either via Auto mode (with built in air quality sensor), Manual mode, and integrates with an app.


Review: I’ve been using the device for roughly a month and find that it does its job. I’ve previously owned a Dyson and I have to say that I gravitate more towards the Molekule. The Molekule is more sleek, activates on its own, has a computer screen versus just an app to convey the particle levels and even the filter usage. It also orders a replacement filter on its own. I struggled with connecting the device to my phone, but the customer service is very quick to help resolve any issues. Depending on the surface you place the device on will determine how loud it is. On carpet the sound is more absorbed, but on hardwood it’s perhaps a little louder. The Molekule has a high power setting and and lower one in case you find it bothersome. When we initially set it up it read “Bad” for a while. Eventually thought it was able to clean the air and do so rapidly if the air quality changed moving forward. All in all I give it 2 thumbs up.



  • Bundle & Save! 30% off Top Molekule Bundles. 
  •  20% off Molekule Air Mini+ & Molekule Air Pro – 
  •  Black Friday Special! 40% off Molekule Air & Air Mini. 





Review: This new Nama J2 juicer needs to no sales pitch, because it’s just THAT good. I’ve been drinking green juice since my early 20’s, but I never personally owned one. I should have had one years ago. Knowing how much I love having my own today, the thought almost makes me mad lol. However, it just didn’t make sense for me to have one at times. While in New York finishing my undergrad and graduate degree I just didn’t want to take up our counter space, produce was also so expensive, and there was a juice shop on just about every block. Fast forward to today, companies tend to send me juice. The thought is nice, but thinking about all the waste it contributes to is just not something I wanted to be a part of anymore. So when I came across the Nama juicer I knew it was time to take the plunge.





I envisioned that a juicer would be time consuming, tedious to clean, loud and just not worth my time. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to the Nama J2! I saw a quick tutorial for this juicer and was instantly sold. It’s so easy to use, clean, I can make my own flavor combos which I love, and I honestly salvage produce now than when I didn’t have one. Save time, money, mitigate waste, preserve the environment, it’s a win win all around. 


Discount Code: The price can be steep, but you can make payments and even save $80 by entering code Gabrielle80


If there is one thing you need to explore asap, it’s this J2 juicer! I literally juice 2x a day and can’t imagine life without it.








The idea behind the Love Every play gym began after Jessica read a doctoral dissertation titled Current Research Findings on the Neurological Development of Infants. (Such a nerd, right?)




Through reading the study Jessica learned that the human brain has about 100 billion nerve cells, all of which are present at birth but have few links between them. Babies brains develop by constructing an intricate communication network. The network’s structure is formed by experiences children have in the first 3 years of life. The research revealed the more you expose babies to how the world works, the richer the neural networks become. Jessica’s takeaway was that early development experiences wouldn’t just happen on their own, she had to create them.Learn more about their story here





We did all the research and built The Play Gym for you. Lovevery’s award-winning debut product includes everything you need in an activity gym—from batting to teething to learning to focus—for a whole year of play. Designed by child development experts.


Subscribe to receive a new kit as your baby progresses here



Review: This company kept popping up via FB and I was intrigued by it’s purpose with a newborn. When I was a FTM, I honestly wasn’t even quite sure what a play gym was, its functionality, and why it’s imperative with newborns. Browsing online, I saw many of the commonplace companies marketing these generally plastic and loud looking play gyms that just came across as just very dated, and would look like an eyesore in our home lol.

With Lovevery, I liked the idea of a wood option, the fact that the materials are non toxic, the items are paired with your babies current skill set and it even comes with an effortless subscription.

Given all of the above and that the learning items were selected based on current research, I was instantly sold on Lovevery. We’re still using their kits with Ronin as he develops and plan to reuse the sets we acquired with Bronson. I can’t say enough about this company. If you’re worried about the price point, you can absolutely re-sell the kits online once you’re done!


Discount  Code: Save $30 OFF a new Play Kit subscription with the code PLAYKITS30







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