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Hello &Happy Black Friday!!






I know, after the one day we’re supposed to find gratitude we’re racing to grab the best sales for things we perhaps don’t need. However, I personally love a good deal on the things I really need and use this day to support small businesses to help them thrive.


Over time I’ve found that there are countless small businesses that sadly fall thru the cracks even with better quality products that eclipses that of the which you’ll find at a large retailers. Below is a list of some family owned brands that you may have seen and some that literally just got their start!




From frames to non toxic plates, sanitizers, and baby food makers…..these are currently a few of my favorite things! Be sure visit their website to check out the Black Friday sales!


Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 









Why is it such a hassle to frame things we love?

What would you display if framing were easy and affordable?


I started Framebridge, which blends ecommerce, logistics, and an intense focus on the customer experience, to make custom framing easy on you and your wallet.

We’re a special kind of company. We deliver a deeply personal product and experience. We use commercial scale to make framing faster and more affordable, but we strive to make each customer experience special.




We own the entire process, our expert framers and designers make everything in our state of the art production facility in Kentucky. We are so proud to be producing every frame, customized for you, right here in the United States.

Our mission is to make it easy for you to tell your story by framing the things you love. We hope you have a home or office that is personal to you and reflects the things that make you happy. Learn more about the company story and mission here


No sure on the orientation of the frames?

Browse the Galleries to make the process seamless! We chose the Triptych


Why Framebridge: I can’t even begin to tell you how many professional photos I have in storage. From engagements to weddings, we have captured every milestone. However, today you’ll find that while we have these images on a memory card or social media, we’re not taking the time to display them. Whether it’s the cost or the involvement in design, it can be overwhelming and we skip it. However, thank goodness for companies like Framebridge as it made the process so seamless! You simply upload images, select the orientation (gallery) and pick the frame. In addition to an effortless process the staff is every helpful, immediate, and the shipping lightening fast. Something to mention is that the frames are plastic, but the plus side is you don’t have to worry about them breaking! I can’t wait to frame and decorate more walls in our home!










The idea for Kickee Pants came to me while on bed rest with my second son. I felt that although a clothing company cannot hope to change the world, we could strive to create something that would support those who would celebrate these same ideas by providing clothing that is created and designed with a sense of love for the children who will wear it. My baby boy was a kicker and this kept me awake at night. KicKee Pants became the nickname for my son, and in turn the name of the company we would launch in honor of that reminder that he gave me to appreciate the small moments we would share together.

learn more about the company here


Items Sampled: 



Why Kickee Pants: I own a few of their pieces and they truly use the softest bamboo fabric. They have everything from baby clothes to adults, onesie and coats. I’ve found that they wash well, have stretch to them, the designs are unique, and the price point solid. What I also love is that they have new designs all the time so you’re never board and there is always something new. Just be sure to act fast if you see something you like as they sell out quick! If you’re looking to explore bamboo apparel for your babe I highly recommend them! I got the Candy Cane design for our first Christmas pictures next week!






For over 25 years, BÉABA (pronounced bay-ah-buh) has been known around the world for creating luxurious, innovative and French-designed baby products. It all began with the Babycook, a steam cooker and blender for making baby food, and has since evolved into a multi-category assortment including feeding accessories, gear and apparel. The brand’s unparalleled quality and sentiment that parenting should be made as easy as possible has parents and celebrities alike remaining loyal. 



Babycook Neo: The original baby food maker, only better: Our European-made Babycook Neo comes with a new and improved glass bowl and a stainless-steel steam basket. Babycook Neo’s four settings eliminate the need for pots, a blender and a microwave so that making baby food is as simple as possible. Create everything from a fine purée to a chunkier purée and everything in between – the unique pulse-blend feature ensures that your baby is getting the correct consistency of baby food every step of the way.



  • The only baby food maker with a glass bowl (new version!) & a stainless steel steam basket
  • Intelligently designed with four settings: steam cook, blend, reheat or defrost
  • Easily accessible reservoir
  • Unique blend feature to control consistency
  • Patented steam cooking system
  • 5.2 cup dishwasher safe bowl
  • BPA, Lead & Phthalate free
  • Made in France 




Béaba Air Purifier | Black Friday Special

Your baby deserves clean air at home. Thanks to the *NEW* BEABA Air Purifier, the first in
its class designed for the baby-care market, you can make your nursery a safe and healthy space for your baby with the click of a button.


  • Advanced 4-Stage Filtration eliminates 99.97% of harmful airborne particles, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), bacteria, dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke and allergens.
    a) pre-filter
    b) true HEPA Filter
    c) Active Carbon Filter
    d) Anti-Microbial Layer
  • Negative Ionizer generates negative ions to reduce airborne particles without harmful ozone
  • 360 degree inlet and outlet projects purified air throughout baby’s nursery room quickly and efficiently (up to 195 sq. ft)
  • Night Mode: operates ultra-quiet and features a built in night light allowing purifier to be used at night without disturbing the sleeping baby
  • 3 Fan Speeds and 7 Ambiance Colors allow you to customize the atmosphere for baby
  • Easy & Intuitive touch screen controls
  • Replacement filter alert button
  • Comes with extra replacement filter
  • Sleek and discreet design fits easily into any nursery
  • CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) 110-120m3/hr



Why Beaba: Long before Ronin was born I had heard of Beaba baby food makers. They specialize in modern baby food makers with a fun design. Before they arrived there was little to no other options and I’d imagine moms just chose a food processor. However, with their innovative design you can make the chore of creating baby food seamless and the appliance won’t look like an eyesore in your kitchen. They now have an air purifier too! The older I get the more I’m concerned with air quality and am curious to see how this works for us. It’s sleek, modern, serves as a night light, quiet, and more affordable compared to other purifier options. In just a few days, I can tell that the lingering unwanted smells have dissipated and it’s just clean air! Be sure to check out their Black Friday Sales!









Many candles are made entirely from paraffin, a petroleum by-product. At Lafco Our wax blend is majority soy, which is naturally derived from vegetables and 100% biodegradable. Not all soy wax blends are created equally; some soy blends contain considerable amounts of paraffin. An easy way to tell is by touching and inspecting the wax – a higher soy content candle (like ours) is hard and opaque, while a low soy content candle will be translucent and can feel soft and oily. Learn more about the company here


Winter Balsam & Crimson Berry

Winter Balsam: A vibrant green earthy fragrance that captures the exhilarating aromatics of a winter forest. The opening notes are a blend of mint-infused eucalyptus, balsam fir needle, and oud wood. Sandalwood, patchouli and vetiver give a creamy texture to the heart, while incense, cedarwood and burnished amber create a warm and inviting dry down.

Crimson Berry: Crisp lemon and orange create an inviting opening for this exhilarating scent inspired by shimmering red seasonal berries. Succulent cranberry and raspberry take center stage at the heart, while eucalyptus adds a refreshing undertone and vanilla brings a luscious sweetness to the finish.


White Snowdrop & Starry Night

White Snowdrop: This winter scent opens with a citrus blend of bergamot, lemon and orange combined with hints of pineapple for vibrancy. A soft floral bouquet of heliotrope and tonka bean compose the heart while nuances of cedarwood, sandalwood, sheer amber, and musk embrace this composition with a creamy and velvety depth.

Starry Night: Effervescent bergamot and mandarin intertwine with nuances of sea salt and quince for a vibrant opening. The heart of stardust magnolia is embraced by the floral opulence of rose and jasmine absolutes. A creative blend of ambry notes with sheer woods, vetiver and cedarwood creates a soothing aura for this scent.


Why Lafco: I’ve been using this companies candles since circa 2007 and they are hands down my favorite. They were seen on Oprah and just blew up and I completely understand why. While they come with a high price point, you absolutely get what you pay for. The scents are gorgeous, soy based, the holders are hand blown and unique, and the scents really do permeate the air unlike other soy based options I’ve tried. If you’re looking to suppress unwanted baby smells, you’re going to love Lafco! What’s also wonderful, is that they have amazing sales all the time. From candles to diffusers, to bath and body products, I highly recommend Lafco!







was created in 2001 by us, Susan Pritchett and Florence Wetterwald, two good friends with the same philosophy of life and beauty.
While visiting Peru, we came across entire villages of expert knitters who had been keeping the tradition alive for generations. Inspired by their talent and the incredible quality and softness of Peruvian cotton, we decided to start our own compay of cuddly knitted products for children. Joseph, Flo’s husband, joined us a couple of years later.


Learn more about their company here

Browse all their dolls here


I sampled the Benedict the Chicken, Edgar the Hedgehog and the Pear Mat!


Why BlaBla Kids: Believe it or not, there is a lack of handmade toy options for babies today. I find the handmade varieties to be better quality in terms of design and materials, they are become keepsakes for years to come, and I just prefer them over other commonplace options. BlaBla kids has been around for a generous amount of time and was actually one of the first to pursue the handmade doll market. Given all of the above, their fabulous unique designs, they donate a portion of proceeds and that they are based in my hometown of Georgia, I love BlaBla kids! Find everything from dolls to mobiles, mats and more!












About Dock A Tot: When my first son, Ilias, was born, I got inspired to create something new in the baby and children’s industry. I searched unsuccessfully for something comfy for my baby and at the same time versatile and convenient. The well-being and happiness of babies are the objectives and inspiration of my creation.

Born, bred, and designed with love in Sweden, we believe that every baby deserves to be surrounded in a comfortable environment every day of their lives. There is simply nothing else like it on the market that allows mothers to feed, soothe, and bond with their baby.





Every material and detail is carefully designed and sourced to ensure high quality, comfort and convenience. Love and luxury have been exhaustively incorporated in the design process, with my own children in mind. 


Dock ATot Grand


The Deluxe+ Dock from DockATot is the ultimate docking station for your newborn baby up to 36 months. This multifunctional design offers a comfy spot for diaper changes, tummy time, lounging, playing, cuddling, and napping.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to transport with 2 carry handles
  • Suitable for babies 9-36 months
  • 100% cotton cover
  • 100% polyester mattress
  • Machine wash






What is Oeko-Tex® certification? click here



Why the Dock Tot: The Dock A Tot was one of those items I heard so much about within the past year. While it looked like an inflatable raft to me, I soon realized why it’s such a staple product. Although there are many precautions you should take when using the Dock A Tot, it makes for a seamless way to keep your baby cozy while close by, being at home or on the go. In addition to the covers being washable, they come in an array of fun modern designs. Given the amount of buzz surrounding this product alone and the excellent marketing, I’m excited to see how the large Grand option will fit into our routine as Ronin grows.













The idea behind the Love Every play gym began after Jessica read a doctoral dissertation titled Current Research Findings on the Neurological Development of Infants. (Such a nerd, right?)





Through reading the study Jessica learned that the human brain has about 100 billion nerve cells, all of which are present at birth but have few links between them. Babies brains develop by constructing an intricate communication network. The network’s structure is formed by experiences children have in the first 3 years of life. The research revealed the more you expose babies to how the world works, the richer the neural networks become. Jessica’s takeaway was that early development experiences wouldn’t just happen on their own, she had to create them.

Learn more about their story here






We did all the research and built The Play Gym for you. Lovevery’s award-winning debut product includes everything you need in an activity gym—from batting to teething to learning to focus—for a whole year of play. Designed by child development experts.


  • Sustainably-sourced wood legs
  • 2 minute setup and take down, no tools required
  • Baby-tested removable accessories:
    • Organic Cotton High Contrast Montessori Ball
    • Sustainably-sourced Wooden Batting Ring
    • Organic Cotton Teether with BPA-free Silicone Ring
  • System of interchangeable cards
  • Play Guide with inspiration and activities from child development specialists
  • Five development zones on the Play Mat that reveal or conceal to prevent overstimulation and promote learning.


Subscribe to receive a new kit as your baby progresses here


Why Lovevery: This company kept popping up via FB and I was intrigued by it’s purpose with a newborn. As a FTM, I honestly wasn’t quite sure what a play gym was, its functionality, and why it’s imperative with newborns. Browsing online, I saw many of the commonplace companies marketing these generally plastic and loud looking play gyms that just came across as just very dated, and would like like an eyesore in our home lol.

With Lovevery, I liked the idea of a wood option, the fact that the materials are non toxic, the items are paired with your babies current skill set and it even comes with a hassle free subscription. I’m just so glad I found them as it makes learning time so easy!










Having lived in NYC for upwards of 9 years, I noticed many niche baby boutiques and found that they really delivered in terms of unique designs and quality. I was elated when I stumbled upon Estella as everything they offer just grabs your attention. From the clothing pieces to the toys, to the organic focus, I was an instant fan. Whether you’re searching for unique pieces to add to your collection or searching for the perfect baby shower gift, they have fabulous options! Many of their toys are NYC inspired, which I’ve yet to see anywhere else!



About the company:

Our eco-friendly baby toys and organic cotton toddler clothes became popular due to their lack of chemicals and harsh treatments that pervade the majority of the cotton sold in the majority of major retail outlets today. Current cotton harvesting and treatment processes harm the environment and surrounding areas, but at Estella, we have a firm commitment to environmental stewardship. Our handmade baby toys and luxury clothes use GOTS-certified cotton, which allows us to produce quality products that are kind to the environment and the people who design and handle them.


I sampled: Guacamole, New York City, Stars & Stripes suits.  

Learn more about their company here

Browse all their baby clothes here


Why Estella: This small family owned business has a variety of city focused apparel, toys and just really unique mostly organic items that you won’t find everywhere! Whether you’re in the city, doing baby pictures, or just searching for niche baby items this holiday season, I highly recommend them! 










Coral UV’s creators first envisioned this product from our own experience in raising our children. There were times that we wanted to sanitize their toys but were unable to steam or boil. Common sanitizing techniques could not satisfy our needs hence we started looking.






UV sanitization is widely used in the medical field. But when it comes to household use, it’s not affordable to families. From that moment, our team was born. We have one purpose in mind, that is to make UV sanitization into a product that blends into your home, works well and is affordable for every household that needs it. Learn more about the company here.


Ultraviolet (UV) light is a type of electromagnetic radiation that are invisible to human eyes. Electromagnetic radiation is all around us, it exists in what we use day to day such as TV, microwave and light bulbs and is also used for medical purpose such as disinfection, X-ray and radiation therapy.


Electromagnetic radiation is transmitted in a wave-liked pattern. The distance between two peaks in a wave is described as wavelength. The shorter the wavelength, the higher the energy.


UV Sanitizer

This light weight UV sanitizer combines with a medium temperature dryer. It uses ultraviolet C light to kill 99.9% of germs by destroying their DNA in just 10 minutes. Its sanitizing process requires no water or heat, hence Coral UV can sanitize almost anything in your home. Baby bottles, utensils, soft toys, make up brushes and electronics can all go into the sanitizer safely. The dry cycles heat up to around 55 ℃, so the items come out safe to the touch. With so much versatility, Coral UV can still be used throughout your home once your kids outgrow it.

Why Coral: As a new mom we’re always concerned about germs and living on hand sanitizer. However, I was on the search for a sanitizing device that would really get the job done and I found Coral. Today there are still minimal sanitizing devices such as these. I believe I perhaps came across only 2 others, but there was no feedback available on product quality. What’s wonderful about Coral is that they actually got their start with a Kickstarter campaign! Hello small business! Be sure to check back for a review on product quality in the coming weeks!







We create developmentally-focused products that make mealtime less about mess and more about fun. Each product is tailored towards a specific age group and usage occasion, and the mat’s stable base helps baby/toddler to self-feed and meet key developmental milestones. We aspire for family mealtime to be a HAPPY, positive experience where memories are made! 

My name is Lindsey Laurain, and I am the founder of ezpz. I’m a wife and working mom to three wonderful, wild boys who serve as my inspiration and my in-home product testers. I never imagined I would leave corporate America and become an entrepreneur, but the journey has been very special (and tiring!). The ezpz community, positivity and my family and team keep me motivated. We are committed to hard work and FUN!





First Food Set:

Most parents introduce first foods to their baby at 4 to 6 months of age. This experience can be fun, but it also can be messy, stressful and overwhelming.

With the First Foods Set ezpz provides all of the developmental tools you need to set baby up for mealtime milestones – plus calm and confident parents!

  • Provides the developmental tools you need for baby’s first foods / drinks
  • Helps baby succeed with eating and drinking independence



Mini Mat:

    • Suction feature decreases tipped bowls and plates
    • Stable base promotes self-feeding and develops fine motor skills
    • Smile design encourages a positive mealtime experience
    • Mat fits most highchair trays
    • Three compartments remind parents to serve a well-balanced meal
    • Compact and lightweight for dinners out and travel
    • Packaged in a reusable bag that is ezpz to pop in your diaper bag



Why EZPZ: I had seen this company before Ronin was born and was just instantly drawn to the design and marketing behind the brand. I loved that they are non toxic, family owned, have a solid price point, and most importantly will enable you to keep their plate in one spot! They have a variety of plates, snack plates, aprons, cups and more! I can’t wait to test these with our babe. Be sure to check back in the coming months for a review on product quality. 










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