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During undergrad when I first started Eat Drink Shrink I loved testing natural products. At the time it was more of a newer movement and the options were minimal. Today the market for natural products is thriving and new companies are popping up all over the place, especially in the world of diapers and wipes While it’s a wonderful time to be a consumer, it can also be harder to navigate which natural products are even worth trying. 


That’s especially true for natural diapers + wipes!


Not only are all babies different, but all diapers and wipes are different in terms of price point, quality and effectiveness. You can go through countless options until you arrive at products that are a good fit for you and your baby. Rather than dealing with the anxiety of scouring the internet and reading endless reviews, I thought I’d compile a list with the best of the best in natural diapers + wipes to make the process more seamless. 


Why natural products: Today non toxic baby products are readily available at retailers nationwide and at competitive prices. Not only can you support small business, expose your baby to less ingredients, but you can even better the environment with biodegradable packaging and diapers. The real question you have to ask yourself today, is why not?!



After living in New York City for 9 years I personally prefer to order everything. You tend to find better deals and in terms of diapers, you just may find better quality and simultaneously be supporting small businesses. That being said, many of these companies can be found on their website or via Amazon making the process of restocking just so effortless. 

After 6 months of testing, I’m excited to provide feedback so you can know what to expect! From all different price points and sizing, to brand new companies and those even based in the UK, here is a collection of the best of the best with non toxic diapers and wipes!!



Have you heard of any of these companies?!

Do you currently use any of their products?!

Is there a non toxic diaper or wipe that you like and don’t see here?! 

I’d love to know!










Coterie means, by definition, a small group of people with shared interests or tastes. In our case, this means family.



We challenged ourselves to challenge the status quo. For the past 35 years, diaper standards have not evolved because other diaper brands have shied away from product innovation and lost sight of their customers’ evolving needs. We built Coterie to bring quality and innovation back to baby care, starting with diapers and wipes.


Read more about the company here

Learn about their sustainability commitments here



Coterie Diapers


Unmatched Absorbency

Our diapers hold up to 25x their weight in fluid and wick moisture away from your baby’s skin in 16 seconds.

Superior Softness

Apparel-grade backsheet, made from our proprietary APEX® Technology, helps to prevent irritation and rashes.

Beyond Secure

Our carefully designed diaper ensures a smarter fit with flexible, secure panels that limit leaks and blowouts.

Review the list of full ingredients here


Coterie Wipes


Pure & Gentle

Our enhanced formula is made with purified water and skin-protecting lotion to effectively clean and moisturize your baby’s skin, gently.

Premium Cotton

Made with 100% plant-based fibers, our supremely soft wipes are hypoallergenic to help protect your baby’s delicate skin.

Superior Clean

20% larger than the average baby wipe for broader coverage and higher absorbency.


View all of the wipe ingredients here



Why Coterie: They say you save the best for last, and that couldn’t be anymore true when it comes to sampling Coterie brand diapers/wipes. I had seen a few ads, but they weren’t bamboo based, but something in with even just the marketing made me curious about this new brand. Needless to say, I’m so glad I decided to try them, because they actually ended up being my favorite! Coterie diapers are non toxic, the base is sodium poly acrylate (only toxic if ingested or inhaled) and sustainably sourced wood pulp. I feel you can visibility discern the quality in their diapers.


The materials are softer, the absorbency better than any diapers sampled and I experienced no leaks. The sizing isn’t printed on the actual diaper, but you can find it on the inside of the tab. Think it ends there? Nope. Even the wipes blew me away as they are longer and thicker than any other wipe. Why haven’t other companies thought to create a similar wipe? I have no idea. Although longer, the package still fit into the standard wipe container.


Cost can be the deciding factor for many parents, but if you factor in the quality, you’re getting a lot more. A diaper that holds a lot saves me from going thru them and cuts down on laundry with leaks. A wipe that’s ultra thick means I only need one per diaper change versus 5 of the traditional varieties. If there is one company you try, Coterie is it! 











Why Parasol Diapers: Out of all the companies featured in this guide, I was instantly drawn to Parasol given the marketing and packaging and even the company name. In an instant you could tell that they invested a lot of time and creativity in this arena and it absolutely makes a difference. In addition to diapers and wipes, they also feature non toxic pads for women, which I’ve yet to come across. The marketing is on point and the diaper designs are festive and fun, but this is subscription only and not available at large retailers.


Out of all the diapers sampled these felt the most luxurious. The prints are precious! So precious I honestly feel bad tossing them when done lol. The material is buttery soft, they do hold a lot and have the sizing printed on them. (preference) I didn’t experience any leaks with these as long as they fit. However, the do run on the smaller side and don’t have an absorbency line. Ronin outgrew a size 2 in these while others fit. I also loved the wipes! They are the standard size, you get 80 in a pack next to the common 60, thick, soaked, and get the job done. I also enjoyed the feminine care options they offered. At this time I believe they no longer carry them, but now feature skincare products and have rebranded their packaging to be a lil less colorful, but still eye catching! Needless to day, Parasol holds up and is absolutely one of my favorites. 





Parasol Fem care products







Parasol Diapers



Parsol Wipes















We did a LOT of research before creating Eco Pea Co and discovered that an incredible amount of waste is created by diapers. Just think about how many diapers a day a baby uses, and how many days there are in diaper wearing years. That’s an insane amount of diapers from just one family! So in our quest to make a better diaper for our baby, we realized we wanted to create a better diaper for the planet…our kids’ planet. Our grandchildren’s planet.


We also learned that using the best quality materials is expensive. Bamboo is sustainable, but it was a challenge to make the business sustainable at first! It was worth it to us, because we wanted materials that were eco-friendly and biodegradable. We also wanted our main material to be easy to grow and thus sustainable.


Learn more about the company here


Hypoallergenic Bamboo Diapers


  • Hypoallergenic & Antibacterial
  • Eco-Diapers: 100% Biodegradable Bamboo Sheets
  • TCF (Totally Chlorine Free)
  • No Nasty Chemicals – 0% Phthalates, Dioxin, Alcohol, Latex
  • Fragrance-Free and Odor Resistant
  • Super Absorbent Core
  • Wetness Indicator
  • Natural Nourishing Aloe
  • Incredibly Soft
  • Size Label (Helpful when you have multiple kids)
  • Snug Fit that Conforms to Movement
  • Tape that Stays in Place and Doesn’t Tear
  • Responsible & Sustainable Practices



Hypoallergenic Bamboo Wipes

  • Eco-Friendly, 100% Biodegradable
  • Dermatologist Approved
  • Hypoallergenic & Antibacterial
  • Natural, made from Sustainable Bamboo
  • TCF (Totally Chlorine Free)
  • NO NASTY CHEMICALS – 0% Phthalates, Dioxin, Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Latex, Paraben, Sulphates, Formaldehyde Carriers, Phenols, Quaternary Ammonium Compounds, SLS or Lanolin.
  • No Added Fragrance (Just Natural Scent from Nourishing Aloe)
  • Luxuriously Soft


Why Eco Pea Co: After featuring a variety of non toxic diapers the other month, I happened to discover a brand new company with packaging and marketing that was just perfection! CP is a company that offers non toxic bamboo based diapers and wipes that are 100% biodegradable. Rather than opting for the hospital diapers and wipes, I wanted to bring my own non toxic options. I believe at this time CP products are not accessible at any major retailers, but you can find them directly online via their website. I’m excited to test the quality behind CP and report back as I couldn’t find any feedback given that they are brand new! 

The CP diapers had the feel of all the bamboo based diapers, but the added their own personal touches with the logo and sizing, and even offer a handle on the packaging for better transport, which I like. I didn’t experience any issues with leaking, they hold a lot, but sometimes the tape on them would lose it’s stickiness leaving diapers to go to waste. (happened only a few time)

The sizing is larger than other brands. A size 2 goes up to 24lbs, which I like as it enables you to get more use out of the diapers. The wipes are longer than others, which is preferred, but they were thin, and clumped together when removing from the package. In the midst of changing a diaper it could be quite bothersome. I believe one of the packages also began to mold perhaps because of too much moisture in the wipes? However, that could be due to improper storage or something I did. 


Update: The company has rebranded themselves as “Eco Pea” and modified the wipes to be longer and even the packaging has improved. Stand by for feedback as we test the new reformulated wipes. 










With each monthly box subscription at Abby & Finn, we donate a diaper a day to families in need. That means every time you receive a box, we are donating diapers right here in the U.S.




After a long day of endless hiccups and food spills, our babies deserve to rest easy in the best diaper possible. With high absorbency, superior comfort, and most importantly, no harmful chemicals or substances – we don’t put anything in our Abby & Finn Diapers that we wouldn’t want on our own children.





Abby & Finn Wipes:

Dermatologically tested & fragrance free, our ultra thick and sensitive wipes simply get the job done! A soothing blend of purified water, natural soybean amino acid, organic aloe vera extract & natural vitamin E extract safely cleanse and care for your baby’s sensitive skin while helping to protect against irritations and rashes. They are Vegan as well as Cruelty free, Paraben, Alcohol, and Oil Free.



Triple purified New Zealand water, natural soybean amino acid, organic aloe vera extract & natural vitamin E extract



Why Abby & Finn: I’ve had my eye on natural diapers long before becoming pregnant, and I had never heard of this company. While you can’t purchase them at a large retailer today, they have a subscription service that you can tailor to your needs and they even donate 30 diapers with each order. I loved the prints with these diapers, they fit really leaving little room around the legs for leaks even as a tiny 7 week old. I recall size 1 for a 10lb baby fitting like a glove! At 13lbs in a size 1 he leaked 2x. That’s because size 1 only goes up to 12lbs. That being said, sizing is everything when it comes to preventing leaks. The only room for improvement would be the texture of the material as it felt a bit stiff, but all bamboo diapers mirror this texture. 





























Why Little Toes Diapers: I chose to feature Little Toes Diapers as this was another company that I had yet to come across. That being said, they are available online only, but you can purchase items individually without a subscription, they offer bamboo based diapers and wipes, fun designs, and even Swimmie Diapers, which I had yet to come across with any other natural company. While other companies featured offer bamboo diapers that are said to be biodegradable, that wasn’t listed under the product information for Little Toes. 


I loved the marketing behind their brand, but struggled with these diapers. The material is stiff like most bamboo options, there is no absorbency line, no sizing printed on the diaper, and the tabs on the diapers broke so often that many were wasted. At 13lbs, he leaked in a size 1, which runs up to 17lbs. The bamboo wipes are good for on the go hand wipes, but not thick enough for anything else. I still have yet to try the swim diapers, but excited about those and will report back on these in a few months! Stay Tuned!


Learn more about the company here










Because knowing the ingredients is not good enough. Every Made Of product page not only discloses every ingredient but also its origin and if available Organic certificate and testing documentation.

Learn more about the company here








Made Of Diapers


MADE OF Better Diaper is 10-hours Leak Free Guarantee. MADE BECAUSE It’s time to take a stand against sitting around in toxins all day.


That’s why these high-capacity diapers do the dirty work without dirty words like petrochemicals, phthalates and parabens. They even let you know when they’re wet. Meet the better way to keep bottoms dry.  






Made Of Baby Wipes:


Made for a babycare cleaning experience that’s alcohol and chemical-free. Our MADE OF Soothing Organic Baby Wipes-80 Count are saturated in organic plant based ingredients and nourishing oils to wipe away residue without striping delicate skin.



Why Made Of:

I had discovered this company recently and was intrigued by the simplicity in the packaging and transparency in the ingredients. In addition to natural diapers and wipes, they also offer an array of natural baby products. At this time they are only available online and not through large retailers, but I can absolutely see them being picked up by one in the near future.

The diapers are basic with no designs like all the bamboo diapers featured, but were not as soft as the others. (only slightly). There was no printing of the sizes, but have an absorbency line, and get the job done! The sizing is standard, but by size 1 at 13lbs (goes to 14lbs) they just wouldn’t work. The wipes are a lil longer than traditional size, which I like, thick, but not as thick as the Coterie brand. I believe one of my wipe packages began to mold/yellow, but that could be due to storage etc. . 


Curious about their products?

Click here to get discounted samples.












The world doesn’t need another diaper, the world needs a better diaper. At Boo Brand Diapers a portion of the proceeds from every diaper box are used to help make the world a better place, locally and globally. By joining Boo you’re helping to fund that mission one sh*t at a time, and empower communities that may not have the education or resources that you can’t live without. From California to Africa, if their work is impactful and helps create self sustaining communities, we want to help them.






What Makes Them So Great?


Boo’s premium disposable diapers are made from bamboo. Bamboo is an incredibly sustainable and extremely absorbent organic resource.


Most Boo members tell us that they use fewer diapers than before. That saves you money, and helps eliminate even more waste in your local landfill.





Why Boo Brand Diapers: This was honestly the last company I came across and I was intrigued by the company name, simplicity in the logo, the hysterical marketing, and that the diapers had no designs. For some consumers they prefer the basic diaper without all the dyes as it’s just not necessary. In addition to the diapers being non toxic and bamboo based, they are also considered biodegradable!

At this time you can only order them online, but again this company is on the newer side so I’m excited to see where the company goes.  

These diapers along with Dyper, Made Of, and Andy Pandy all looked aesthetically similar with only slight differences. Boo diapers come packaged in clear plastic with no sizing listed on it or on the diapers themselves. They have a absorbency line on the front. These held a lot and I experienced little to no leaks, only until he started sleeping on his stomach. It’s important to keep in mind that sizing, how you put them on and gender influence that experience. Dyper currently doesn’t offer wipes, but hoping they eventually do so you can purchase it as a package to save time and money. 











Andy Pandy Diapers are Eco-friendly diapers made from the highest quality premium materials. Naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial making it ideal for babies with sensitive skin.


In September 2013, the Hansens introduced their dream diaper into the markeplace: Andy Pandy Premium Bamboo disposable diapers. They spent years of extensive research and testing on all materials and manufacturing processes to ensure the quality and integrity of the eco-friendly diapers. “We will continue to maintain our high level of standards on all products that we introduce to the brand,” the Hansens say.


Learn more about this company here



Andy Pandy Premium Bamboo Disposable Diapers 

  • 5 Star Quality

  • Eco-Friendly

  • 100% Chlorine Free

  • No Alcohol or Preservatives

  • Free of Phthalates

  • No Latex, PVC, TBT, or Antioxidants






Why Bamboo?

  • Soft & silky to the touch, but extremely strong & absorbent

  • 100% biodegradable and does not cause pollution to the earth

  • A renewable resource that grows incredibly fast without using chemical fertilizers or pesticides

  • It is Natureês most sustainable resource and is naturally regenerative

  • Odor resistant

  • Moisture wicking & thermal regulating capabilities that keep your babyês skin dry & comfortable in hot or cold temperatures

  • Naturally hypoallergenic & antibacterial, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin


  • 100% bamboo fiber top sheet wicks moisture away quickly and is super soft and silky smooth against the skin

  • Elastic waistband that provides a snug, comfortable fit

  • Flexible side panels that stretch to ensure a better fit and increased comfort for active babies

  • 3-D form fitting design that has efficient leakage barriers to ensure a snug body fit and minimize the risk of leakage

  • Natural aloe liner to nourish babyês skin

  • Wetness indicator that lets you know when baby needs to be changed

  • Ultra breathable back sheet made of perforated 100% bamboo fiber, which allows fresh air to circulate and keep babyês skin dry



Why Andy Pandy: I had seen this company over the years via Amazon and was curious about the product. They focus solely on biodegradable bamboo based diapers, but also carry skincare products. What stood out to me was that while they are a small family run business, I believe they’ve found much success on Amazon alone. Given the amount of consumers that prefer to order everything via Amazon, I knew they would be a great feature with readers. 


These diapers reminded me both of Dyper and Boo brand diapers as they aesthetically all look about the same. White diapers, absorbency line, no size printed on the actual diaper, but sizing on the package itself! I didn’t have any issues with these and I loved that they had good size ranges. The don’t currently offer any wipes. 










Bambo is a family owned business, and as parents ourselves, we know that what you put on your baby is just as important as what you put in your baby. That’s why we’re dedicated to creating eco-friendly baby care products that are safe, gentle, and supernaturally effective. Because when you have products that can protect AND perform, you can stop worrying and start enjoying happy moments with your kids.




Bambo Diaper Ingredients:


Non-woven backsheet (outer side) of polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE). Absorbent of polyacrylate (SAP) and cellulose (ECF fluff). Topsheet of non-woven (PP). Acquisition layer of non-woven (PET/Co-PET). Hook tab fastening system of non-woven (PP/PE). Adhesive made of synthetic rubber—no optical brightener added. Wetness indicator. Elastication made from elastane.


Learn more about their ingredients here




Bambo Wipes:


To keep your baby clean from head to toe, Tidy Bottom Baby Wipes offer a gentle, reliable cleaning solution in a wipe made from soft, non-woven materials. Free of perfumes, parabens, dyes and optical brighteners, these hypoallergenic, chlorine-free wipes can make short work of your baby’s most spectacular mess.



Why Bambo Diapers: I had seen this company long before we were pregnant and knew I wanted to explore the quality behind the brand. They currently offer non toxic diapers and wipes along with some skincare products and are available at various retailers nationwide. Knowing that they may be more accessible for consumers and the fact that they’ve been in the business for a generous amount of time, I knew they would be a great feature!

Next to Coterie and Parasol, these were some of my favorites! I loved the diapers as they didn’t look like the same bamboo diaper that was replicated amongst many of the brands. These are comprised of the same material as Coterie, but weren’t the level of softness as those provide. They had sweet designs on them, sizing printed on the diaper (preference),  ran a little small, but fit well. I also loved the wipes! The smell a little like witch hazel, come in the standard size, but are slightly thick which I like. 










Emily began developing Bets & Emy wipes in 2013 after the birth of her son, Archie. Archie was born with a full head of red hair and very sensitive skin, and he was frequently troubled with diaper rash. When Emily realized how many chemicals were in her baby wipes – even the “natural, fragrance free” baby wipes she trusted – she believed they were part of the problem and began searching for a better alternative.


Find a retailer near you here



Bets & Emy Wipes


  • 99.9% Water
  • 0.1% Citrus Extract
  • American-made
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Paraben free
  • Soft & Strong
  • No Fragrance or Oils


Bets & Emy wipes contain just 99.9% water & 0.1% citrus extract, with no fragrances, oils or parabens. We have proudly earned the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance, and the EWG Seal of Approval. American-mom Made, & made in the USA by a women’s owned business.



Why Bet’s & Emy: While many consumers opt for purchasing diapers and wipes from the same company, I can already tell that many parents also mix and match as the quality varies between each company. Perhaps the diapers are wonderful, but the wipes are underwhelming. That being said I was excited to stumble upon this small business to explore their wipes to share with everyone. At this time they are only available via Amazon and retailers in Texas, but I’m sure they’ll be coming soon to a retailer near you!


Before having a baby I thought baby wipes were the same. However, they are all different an the quality varies. I really loved Bet’s & Emy wipes as they are made with next to nothing and get the job done. I found they could improve the packaging to offer a plastic seal to preserve the moisture like other brands. However, the closing tab actually works, and I typically remove the plastic to keep wipes in a container on the changing table. The only other brand that’s similar to B+M is Water Wipes, but I love to welcome new brands and prefer to support small businesses. If you’re looking for wipe sans everything, this is it!









Everything we do at Dyper is guided by our principles: transparency, integrity and respect for our team members, suppliers and customers. We are not perfect, but we will respond to each challenge perfectly.


We can’t solve every problem, but are trying to do our part to be part of the solution. We didn’t invent landfills and we don’t know what the final solution is. But we do believe that if we can build a better diaper that can be safely composted, we can move in the right direction.


Learn more about their company here









Learn more about their diapers here


Why Dyper: This was one of the very last companies to jump on board and they are also one of the newer companies to hit the market. Their designs are non toxic, don’t use any inks, bamboo based, biodegradable, but are only accessible online at this time. They focus only on diapers and are expanding their sizing to cater to newborns so be sure to check back to learn more about the developments with Dyper! 


I found that these diapers mirrored Boo, Andy Pandi, and Made Of in terms of appearance. There were only slight differences in the design of the diaper. Boo diapers didn’t come in a package noting the sizing, nor was it printed on the diaper, and they have a absorbency line on the front. I typically sized up for the overnight diapers and these worked great. However, for afternoon use you can’t take that approach as they’ll leak. They currently don’t offer any wipes, which I’d love to see! 









At Jackson Reece all our baby skincare products are made in the UK and are completely organic, with 99% of our ingredients being plant and vegetable based. Unlike many other brands, we don’t use nasty chemicals, alcohol, soap or anything similar, which strip skin of moisture and can cause irritation and eczema, amongst other things.


We knew from the outset that our baby wipes wouldn’t be bleached with chlorine like other cloths, so we took time to develop a high-quality biodegradable cloth made from natural wood pulp. We also made sure our ingredients were organic, creating gentle formulas that included soothing Aloe Vera, Ylang Ylang and vegetable extracts.


We also purified the water we used to ensure there were no hidden nasties within, and took a long time developing a natural vegetable-based preservative system so the wipes would be suitable for vegans.


Learn more about their company here



Made from wood pulp, they’re biodegradable and compostable – worthy of our Kinder by Nature mantra.


You won’t find any nasties in our wipes, which are free from chemicals, chlorine, alcohol and all sorts of other abrasive substances. Instead, we’ve infused our high-quality cloths with organic ingredients including soothing Aloe Vera, purified water and gentle vegetable preservatives.


Learn more about their products here



Why Jackson Reece: If you know me, you know I’m a huge supporter of U.K. based products. Product regulation is more stringent and I feel that the quality always exceeds that of anything produced in the U.S. hands down. That being said, I was curious to explore this natural wipe company that I happened to find via Amazon. With countless consumers ordered everything from that platform, it seemed like a perfect feature, In addition to multiple types of wipes that are derived from wood pulp and biodegradable, they also offer various baby skincare products. Since the product is made in the U.K., at this time you can only find them via Amazon or Walmart.


After a few uses of the Jackson Reece wipes, it was plain to see that these were more for the hands and the face. While very strong (couldn’t even rip in two), they were thin, and it took too many to clean up even small messes. They are said to be scentless, but had the smell of your typical everyday wipe. Also, there is not plastic cover for the wipes, leading to many of the wipes drying out. If you’re looking for a non toxic option for those needs these would be a great fit!



















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  1. Tyra Braxton says:

    Thank you for your recent review of Little Toes Natural Bamboo Fiber Diapers! We are very excited to see that our diapers are getting attention from websites like yours, who give honest reviews about various natural and eco-friendly products.
    After being on the market for one year, we are thrilled to see that Little Toes Natural Bamboo Fiber Diapers are getting recognition and receiving favorable comments and reviews when compared to the better-known natural diaper brands. We are relatively a new and small company with a small advertising budget, so we rely heavily on social media, blogs and websites like yours to bring awareness about the brand and all its products.
    We also wanted you to be aware that this Fall we will be offering a new version of our new and improved natural bamboo fiber diapers. The improvements include stronger, tabs and adhesive tape to tightly secure the closures, a wet indicator, as well as a resized newborn diaper. We would love to notify you when the new versions are available, and have you review the diapers.
    Did you know that we also sell swimmy diapers? Little Toes Swimmy Diapers are natural, super soft and super absorbent. We have received five-star reviews on Amazon from customers. Click on link below to Amazon.
    Little Toes also offers everything a parent needs for a natural and safe diaper change. This includes, our natural bamboo fiber baby wipes, and natural diaper changing pads.
    Recently our natural diaper rash cream has been certified natural from the Natural Products Association (NPA). The NPA Seal is the only U.S. certification for natural personal products. The NPA recognizes products as 95% natural, when formulas contain ingredients derived from natural resources, and without health risk, and, only 100 percent natural fragrances and colorants are allowed. Other requirements include biodegradable or made from recycled material packaging, all ingredients listed on the package label, and no animal testing. Also our diapers, swimmys, baby wipes, and natural diaper rash cream are patent pending.

    For those diaper changes on the go, we provide diaper changing sets for one, three, and twelve-time diaper changes, that includes all of the above products. We also have a one-time diaper changing set for our swimmy diapers that includes packets of natural sunscreen made by Little Toes sister brand Sunshine On The Go.
    All Little Toes products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We ensure safety of our products, by performing a battery of safety tests for microorganism /mold /bacteria and separation, before the products are packaged and distributed. Parents, can be confident that they will be purchasing and using safe quality products, and if for any reason they are not happy, they will receive a full refund.
    Little Toes is owned by Products On The Go, LLC (POTG), a certified woman small business. The company develops, manufactures, and distributes eco-friendly and natural products that are sold in bulk and convenient on the go sets. We are also a member of the Natural Products Association and adhere to their standards for manufacturing natural products.
    Part of POTG’s mission is to be socially responsible and be an active member of the community. We donate a small portion of every sale to Rescue Mission a 501(c)(3) a local non-profit dedicated to helping children and families in crisis and or special needs. Products such as diapers and changing sets are donated to hospitals, pediatrician offices, clinics, shelters and diaper banks. We also participate in natural disaster relief programs, including the most recent efforts to help those affected by Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas.
    If you are interested in learning more about these products, Little Toes, and/or Products On The Go, please contact us at marketing@littletoes.com.
    Thank you,

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