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On Saturdays I typically feature a quick and easy vegan brunch concept, but today is a very special day, because we’re talking all things baby clothes!! I truly never thought I’d see the day where we’d be discussing baby clothes on EDS, but our prayers were finally answered and he’s making his debut this July 2019!


As much as I studied prenatal nutrition, biology, and even pediatric nutrition, infertility was never a focus or even mentioned. While there are countless guides to navigating pre and post pregnancy, they don’t give you a guide to navigating infertility, nor is it commonly discussed amongst society. As a result women suffer in silence, and can feel isolated and completely alone.


Having nutrition in the forefront of my life for countless years, at times I felt completely lost in it all. However, there are so many factors that influence conception outside the diet. I plan to talk more about our infertility journey, first & second trimester and more via Eat Drink Shrink. Stay tuned! 



Get excited, let’s talk clothes!


Once we hit about 16-18 weeks, I finally let my guard down and started exploring all things baby. Knowing that we were having a boy, I was curious as to what that baby apparel industry is like today. After I did some searching, I found a myriad of companies that I never see and knew it would be a great focus for a post.


Moving forward, you’ll find countless EDS Pregnancy and parenting Guides focusing on anything and everything located under the Pregnancy tab from the Eat Drink Shrink main page. 


In recent years the world has shifted more towards organic products and apparel. Given the fact that crops and the clothes themselves are treated with harsh chemicals, coupled with the fact that a babies skin is very thin, I think it makes absolute sense to explore organic options in every capacity during these early stages. While many could view the organic movement as not practical in terms of pricing, many times pricing was comparable to that of non organic options.


I’ve compiled a list of companies from big to small, organic to non organic, U.S based to international, to shed more light on all the niche brands you may have missed or were curious about.


I’ve searched high and low, and these were the companies I fell in love with!

Have you tried or heard of any of these? I’d love to know!









One of the very first companies I instantly fell in love with, was Monica & Andy. They’re a small boutique owned and operated by a brother and sister with locations in NYC, New Jersey, Chicago, California, and Kansas, and hands down have just the most precious designs. They offer organic cotton options for both babies and toddlers and the prints are just so modern, unique, and the material is buttery soft.


They have the perfect sets that are great for gifts or that first trip home from the hospital. I of course selected the French Bulldog/Boston looking pattern and it will be our sons first outfit. I can’t wait to share more from Monica & Andy. Fun fact, they just started selling kids furniture too, and it’s just as cute!






Having lived in NYC for upwards of 9 years, I noticed many niche baby boutiques and found that they really delivered in terms of unique designs and quality. I was elated when I stumbled upon Estella as everything they offer just grabs your attention. From the clothing pieces to the toys, to the organic focus, I was an instant fan. Whether you’re searching for unique pieces to add to your collection or searching for the perfect baby shower gift, they have fabulous options! Many of their toys are NYC inspired, which I’ve yet to see anywhere else! 


About the company: 

Our eco-friendly baby toys and organic cotton toddler clothes became popular due to their lack of chemicals and harsh treatments that pervade the majority of the cotton sold in the majority of major retail outlets today. Current cotton harvesting and treatment processes harm the environment and surrounding areas, but at Estella, we have a firm commitment to environmental stewardship. Our handmade baby toys and luxury clothes use GOTS-certified cotton, which allows us to produce quality products that are kind to the environment and the people who design and handle them.


Learn more about their company here

Browse all their baby clothes here






This is a little boutique I stumbled across online that’s based on the west coast. They feature a variety of organic apparel in unique designs with one of a kind pieces. 


About the company: 


We have been a mama run business since 1996. A beacon for creative hip fashion for families. First shop in Seattle to carry organic and hemp baby clothes.Now we have extended our selection to Toddler, Kids, Tween, and Adults. Bootyland holds a place in the community with a dedication to providing space and products created in a variety of sustainable ways. Including Organics, hemp, Fair Trade, PVC Free, Locally made, Reconstructed, & Vintage all with and Urban appeal. Learn more about Bootyland Kids here.






The Little Lentil Clothing company stood out to me for many reasons, and it all starts with their sustainable practices. Not only are the clothing options organic and feature creative designs, but they offer a “Send Back” program to trade in clothes so that nothing goes to waste. By returning the gently used items you’ll receive a 15% off discount with your next purchase. In addition to that feature you can also subscribe to a monthly capsule with the sizing and seasonal items you need. When you’re done you simply return them. Out of countless companies I explored, nobody was catering to sustainability.


Learn more about their company mission here. From the designs to the quality, and their business practices, Little Lentil doesn’t miss beat. You have to check them out!







Jo Jo Maman Bebe is a company I stumbled across online and I just loved their designs. They are based in the UK, and have a great price point! While their focus is not organic, I felt as though the look and feel of their designs surpassed many of the options you see today in the U.S. by far. 


About the company: 


 Our clothing is not just adorable and fun but also truly practical and made to last; setting us apart from others. We’ve put 25 years of experience into perfecting beautiful clothes for your precious newborn, toddler or child. But we are not just a fashion retailer, our collections include nursery products, furniture, gifts and toys; offering new parents, friends and family everything they need from pregnancy to pre-school.. Learn more about their company here.








How much do I love this company?! Words cannot express!! This was one of the last companies I was captivated by from the marketing to the designs, the fact that they are organic and based in Australia! If you spend any time on Instagram, you’ll find that some of the most creative pieces come from Australia. Lulu and Roo does not disappoint. 


About the company: 


Lulu and Roo was started by two friends and mothers wanting to create stylish, yet comfortable clothing for their kids. Jori had 1 boy and Sydni had 1 girl (hence the name).  Both were pregnant with their second children (boys). With two new babies on the way sensible clothing options were a necessity. They wanted clothing that both boys and girls could run, play and nap in as well as be stylish outside the home. They set out to design clothing with comfort being most important while maintaining style and quality. Learn more about their company here






I’ll say it once, and I’ll say it again.. Australian companies have the most creative children’s apparel! I found this niche company online and was instantly in love with the modern patterns and fashion forward pieces. From onesies to jumpers and more, Aster and Oak hits the mark in every capacity. Organic, fun, high quality, great designs, and even great sales, I can’t wait to try more from Aster and Oak!


About the company: 


Aster & Oak is a West Australian Children’s clothing label that offers a truly unique range of certified organic clothing for all the precious little people in our lives. It was our personal experience with our own children’s skin allergies that led us to research and craft a range of Eco-friendly, certified organic baby clothing which is safe, non-toxic, low-allergenic and free from any hidden nasties.

All our clothing is made using the purest 100% GOTS certified organic cotton making them gentle on your baby’s skin and even gentler on our environment. Brimming with character, each piece is adorned in the most delightfully playful and whimsical design, all individually illustrated by hand and coloured using natural based dyes. Check out our LOOK BOOK for a glimpse at each seasons designs. Learn more about their company here







This company is based in the UK and there was something unique in the simplicity of their designs. A lot of moms are not heavy on the prints, myself included, so I love that they offer and array of gender neutral pieces that are all organic. From onesies, to swaddles and more, the quality is noticeable and the material is buttery soft!  


About the company: 


Baby Mori uses the softest and highest-quality products, which are made with a family’s wellbeing in mind. Crafted carefully from sustainable sources to ensure that our manufacturing methods are environmentally conscious, and that only natural materials touch your baby’s delicate skin.

Learn more about their company here



Mini Moose is an Australian based company I came across. Whether it be the company names, the delicate designs, or that the items are organic and appear to be handmade, I loved MM! In addition to all of the above, she has great sales! Be sure to check back in as new designs are always added. 


About the company: 


Mini Moose uses GOTS-certified 100% organic cotton garments are free of harmful chemicals, dyes, and other ingredients that irritate your baby’s skin and are damaging to our environment. even our tags and labels are made with organic material. Learn more about their company here. Learn more about their apparel here.




You can’t talk about small businesses without including those fabulous Etsy shops! I personally love artisan products and keeping small businesses thriving, so I’m always browsing this website. Bella Lexi Boutique was one I stumbled upon and I completely fell in love with her organic pieces. You’ll find that while some stores focus solely on organic, others have a blend of organic and non. Either way, you can find some great pieces and I love hers! 



About the shop: 


Hi! I’m Olivia, Owner of Bella Lexi Boutique. ? When I am not spending time with my 4 kiddos and husband, I’m in the shop! Every item in the shop is designed, handmade and shipped by me. Thank you for supporting my dream!








I happened to stumble across this UK company due to their cute unique designs!  While not organic, they are family owned, and I just loved their pieces as they truly stood out from countless others I had seen. From bunny onesies for Easter and even monogrammed pieces, you’re going to love Sparks & Daughters


About the company: 


Sparks and Daughters is a family run business, founded by Mother and Daughter duo, Deborah and Verity Sparks. Based in the British countryside, we’ve been lovingly designing quality, personalized clothing from our Somerset studio for over a decade. Learn more about their company here.





Browsing Etsy I happened to discover some hidden gems on Sophies Streamers. Her shop focuses on handmade bows, but she also offers some unique onesie designs that come in both organic and non organic long sleeve. She’s always making new pieces so be sure to check out her shop regularly!


About the shop: 

I started making hair accessories for my daughter in order to create something unique and special for her and soon realized how I truly enjoyed it! It’s therapeutic really.. I’m a mother of two with my oldest being 20 with autism. My son helps me with packaging and mailing orders. 




While there is no company info available on Etsy for this shop, I was instantly stopped dead in my tracks when I found Moon Baby Organics! Even as a new mom, I know there is only one other company that focuses on this same shoe design as they are all over social media. While a timeless design, none of their options were vegan.

Some consider baby shoes not a necessity and I can see that to a certain degree. However, a few pairs in fun festive designs and they are even vegan, you just can’t go wrong! A great price point, creative designs, and no animal products! You have to check out her shop!






This little Etsy shop caught my attention as the designs were perfection, especially for boys. The prints unique, organic, handmade and just so precious! You have to check out Kinder Sprouts!


About the shop:


I love to sew and this is my long-time hobby turned into part-time business (my days are spent as a research scientist, nights and weekends I sew!).

I use industrial machines (sewing and serger) and the highest quality organic fabrics available, all are wonderfully soft and machine washable- you can be sure that that they are durable and made with attention to detail, and best of all- you can feel confident that baby will be snuggled up with chemical-free natural fibers that are also kind to the planet.







Think you can’t find random gems on Etsy?


I found this adorable onesie from a Grape Street Greeting card company and while not organic, it’s actually one of my favorites! Hopefully they keep this design in stock so you can reference the link!


About the Shop: 

Cara is a writer and mom in Denver, CO. After getting laid off she started writing snarky greeting cards on a vintage typewriter to stay busy and make her friends laugh. Now you can find sassy tea towels, aprons, wine totes, and more in her shop too! 


















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