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Let’s talk organic baby food! Even with cooking full time, I was somewhat hesitant to introduce food and not even sure where to begin. I loved the idea of starting off with a ready made option and testing it for a few days to see how he responded. With so many organic options today, I was curious to see what’s available to share them with you. 


Below are some of my favorite brands along with some staple baby feeding items like bibs and plates that I fell in love with. 


Have you tried any of these brands?

Do you have any personal favorites? 










White Leaf Provisions is a family run business run by a husband and wife team who are bringing the first 100% regeneratively farmed, biodynamic, organic & GMO-Free baby food line to retail in the US. We believe babies and kids should have access to the purest foods that taste amazing and are farmed in a manner that heals the Earth.

Keith, a native of Ireland, is a classically French-trained chef. He grew up in a small village in Ireland where locally farmed and sourced food was the basis for every meal. This mindset has shaped Keith’s career and passion for pure foods — foods that are minimally processed, with the flavor being directed by seasons, not additives. We believe many of those same values are reflected in the biodynamic concept.


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  • Click here to learn about biodynamic farming







The international Biodynamic certifying group, Demeter, was established in Europe in 1928, and in the United States in 1985, while the National Organic Program (NOP) was established in the United States in 2002. Biodynamic® certification (Demeter International) requires that the entire farm be certified using organic standards as a baseline, and then takes that a step further by requiring that additional standards be met before certification is awarded. Here are just some of the other required practices in order to become Demeter-certified Biodynamic.


Review: I had come across this South Carolina based company and was instantly curious about the brand quality. The purees are organic and non GMO and I loved that they offered modern blends with beets. Ronin loved all 5 varieties and there wasn’t one he was apposed to. You can find their products at Amazon, Thrive Market, and Whole Foods. They are currently offering a deal for Buy One Get One 50% off!








Tiny Organics





Introducing the first 100 Flavors

At Tiny Organics, we believe in building lifelong adventurous eaters. We do this by introducing your little one to their first 100 flavors before the age of two. We’re grounded in the science of food to give your child the most nutritious start possible. Our meals are 100% organic finger foods, plant-based and free of the Big-8 allergens. We have carefully crafted these meals to suit your baby’s and toddler’s developmental milestones and over 70% of our meals are savory-forward. 


Tiny meals are made fresh and shipped frozen straight to your door.At Tiny, we follow research that shows the more flavors and textures you introduce in the first two years of your little one’s life, the more likely they are to become adventurous eaters later on. We’re here to help your baby and toddler foster a lifelong positive relationship with food, cultivate healthy eating patterns and create a willingness to try new things. We incorporate the right nutrients for your baby’s and toddler’s gut health, bone health, immunity and brain development.



  • Learn more about he company here
  • Click here to learn more about their recipes


Review: I was very excited to explore the Tiny Organics line as the blends were more for babies branching out from purees, the flavor profiles were very modern like curry and coconut, and they are delivered right to your door. They come frozen so you can thaw them out as you need, making them outlive any shelf stable puree on the market. Being that they were frozen helps to also better preserve the nutrients and made them ideal for on the go. If I needed one for later, I’d simply pop it in my bag and it would be ready when I needed it. Ronin personally loved the Potato Hash, Coconut Curry, and Banana Foster. The blends were also not sweet like traditional baby foods either, which I liked. It’s much easier to incorporate a little hint of sweet like applesauce to a ready made option, rather than somewhat that was just sweet all around. The packaging is also part paper making them recyclable and more of a sustainable option versus the all plastic baby food packets. Curious bout Tiny Organics? Save 25% now on your first order!








Serenity Kids




We make children healthier by offering nutrient-dense foods that taste great to kids and are convenient for parents. We envision a thriving planet where children are fed, raised, and educated to be healthy, happy, creative human beings. Learn more about the SK founders here

We know our Serenity Kids family is an environmentally-conscious one. We know you care not just about what you put in your baby’s belly, but also how what you feed your little one impacts the world around you. We know this, because we care too. It’s why, in addition to making babies healthier, we are committed to leaving them a healthier planet.
  • Learn more about the company and practices here
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Review: The marketing of this brand caught my eye immediately. Serenity Kids focuses on modern organic veggie blends that feature no added sugar or preservatives, and sustainably sourced (wild caught, free range, grass fed) animal products such as turkey, salmon and more. While our base is plants, I was intrigued by the Serenity Kids products and that they featured seafood. In all my findings I’ve yet to come across a fish puree by any brand. I don’t even believe that I saw animal product purees by any brand either, but especially not ones that were sustainably sources. Other things I liked, they use avocado oil in blends! 

I sampled the veggie blends and the salmon. While the salmon was a little on the potent side in terms of smell, it could could easily be masked with a little fruit. Fish is a common food allergen, so with salmon being a low mercury fish, it’s a good opportunity to test your their potential sensitivity to seafood. The portions are fairly big and they recommend using it within 24hrs. However, I didn’t run into any quality issues if we exceeded that time frame.

In regards to the veggie purees I loved that they used ingredients like beets and butternut squash, and they were on the less sweet side. You can find their products via Amazon, Thrive Market, Whole Foods, Harris Teeter and more. Save 15% off your first order by entering code “EATDRINKSHRINK” at checkout. 










We Might Be Tiny



(They don’t have a website company bio)


  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Microwave, oven and freezer safe (-40°C to 230°C)
  • Flexible and durable
  • Non-stick and non-slip
  • Non-toxic, food-grade silicone independently certified to the highest European standards (FDA and LFGB approved)
  • BPA free
  • Proudly designed in Australia


View all their products here


Review: As a child there weren’t many non toxic plate options, and whatever they had was underwhelming in terms of design. Today there a handful of really fun non toxic child dish ware and I was excited to explore the Australian based brand, We Might Be Tiny. The products come in an array of colors, designs, and they even have a suction so they don’t going flying off the highchair. That’s a win! lol. You can find everything from plates to snack carriers, cups, straws and more!






Amara Organic Baby Food



Growing up, my mom, Swiss French, prepared most of our meals from scratch. I took it for granted (I was a kid after all), but I’ll never forget one time when my best friend came over for dinner.

My mom had made fresh steamed peas and my friend was raving about how good the peas were. She said she had never had peas like that before! My sisters and I were stumped… until my mom realized that she had never had a fresh pea – she had only ever had canned peas! Granted this was the 80’s, and everyone was using canned food. But, at 7 years old, my best friend had her first real pea!





The problem is that today baby food hasn’t come much further. Traditional baby food is closer to tv dinners and canned food than the delicious fresh fruits and veggies we want for our babies.

So when we started Amara, I dreamed about bridging the gap between healthy food and the fast, nutrient poor foods that are part of our hectic lifestyles. But the more I researched baby food, the more I realized that the traditional jars and pouches sacrificed nutrients for convenience.




At Amara we believe you – and your baby – deserve both nutrition and convenience. That’s why we’re changing the way we deliver fresh food to babies. With Amara, you can always make homemade baby food possible – even when you don’t have the time. We’re bringing you convenient, nutrient-dense meals, ready when you are.



Learn more about Amara here

View all their products here



Review: I was curious about this brand as it features organic ingredients and comes in a powdered form. This form makes it a wonderful option when transitioning babies to food as you can use breast milk to incorporate the ingredients so they are receiving ample nutrients. Out of all the organic baby food brands, I had yet to see something similar. Given the powdered form makes it also great for traveling and it won’t expire quite as fast as the ready made options. I also loved that these blends contain less sugar than other varieties. They also come in packets versus plastic so it’s better for the environment. Find Amara baby food at Target and Whole Foods. 










Modern Twist




Modern-Twist is a San Francisco Bay Area based company that has pioneered the use of pure food-grade, hand-silk screened silicone. “Bringing elegance to a new innovative material.” Kat Nouri conceived of the idea for modern-twist from her deep belief in, what we eat on should be as pure and wholesome as what we eat. She found the company name by fashioning a “modern-twist”—innovating aesthetically inspiring home products that are made with pioneering materials which are safe for people and the planet. Kat’s vision transpired thanks to her unique upbringing with a respect for organic farming and nutrition, her experience as a US manufacturer with a background in marketing and sales, and ultimately her innate sense for design.


  • Learn more about the brand here
  • Learn more about choosing silicone based products here
  • Browse all their products here


Review: I had seen these precious bibs long before our son was conceived and loved the design for preventing messes and the unique artwork. Modern Twist bibs are my go to’s as they are easily cleaned, don’t stain, catch foods, are comfortable to wear, will outlive other bibs so better for your wallet and the environment, and you don’t have to throw them in the wash daily like traditional bibs! If you’re searching for baby essentials, Modern Twist bibs are it! Check out their website to see all that they offer. 













We started YUMI because Angela is a giant nerd. You see, when she became pregnant with her first child, she spent months researching nutrition. She discovered that scientists consider nutrition in the first 1,000 days to be the most important environmental factor in development.


  • Learn more about their story here
  • View the full menu here








Review: I had stumbled across this female own company and was instantly captivated by every aspect of the brand. The marketing, design, and of course the blends. Companies are gravitating more towards foods such as butternut squash and beets, but never will you see dragonfruit, chia puddings, 100% pure spinach puree and more. I love the diversity of the blends and found it beneficial to allow Ronin to try the full form of each and then modify with a lil sweet if needed. It’s harder for babies to discern the true flavor of veggies when brands typically mask it with so much fruit. Yumi baby food is also shipped right to your door and the selections are tailored to your baby’s development stage. Each ingredient is hand selected based on credible research to make navigating what nutrients your baby needs seamless. If you’re looking for a no fuss method to exploring baby food, Yumi is it! 











Once Upon a Farm




At Once Upon a Farm our mission is to nurture our children, each other and the earth in order to pass along a healthier and happier world for the next generation. Learn more about their mission here.


Every ingredient we use is sustainably grown, certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, and can be traced right back to the source. And since the apple that’s picked from a tree doesn’t contain preservatives, colors, concentrates or added sugars, neither do our blends.


  • Learn about the farm and where all the ingredients are sourced here
  • View all their products here



Review: Let’s be honest, when I first saw that Jennifer Garner founded this company, I was instantly sold. I also loved the marketing, the simplicity in the ingredients and the fact that they are the only cold pressed baby food that I have come across. That means the produce contains more nutrients unlike the majority of baby food because it’s not heated to high temperatures. So what’s the catch with cold pressed baby food? It has to be kept chilled to maintain it’s nutrients. I’m not sure if you can freeze them and simply defrost as I didn’t explore that, but I loved the blends. They have modern veggie blends with notes of fresh herbs, which I didn’t see in other brands. The veggie blends I sampled didn’t contain fruit and I actually found the flavors to be really good! The one thing you can expect is to pay about $1 more given the cold pressed method. If you’re looking to explore cold pressed baby food you have to try Once Upon a Farm!










Plum Organics




Plum was founded on the belief that little ones deserve the very best food from the very first bite. So a group of parents got together and started asking questions. Is white rice cereal really the best first food? Is picky eating a given? Where do taste preference come from? Learn more about their philosophy here.


View all their baby food products here


Review: Plum Organics has been on the market for quite some time now. They are owned under the Campbell’s soup brand and feature an array of organic baby food from purees to puffs and more. I love how accessible they are as you can find them everywhere from everyday markets to Whole Foods and more. The price point is competitive too compared to other more niche brands. While on the sweeter side compared to most, I liked that they featured pumpkin and broccoli in some blends!













A “bapron” is our patent pending bib-apron hybrid, designed specifically for children who dislike traditional bibs that tie around the neck, and who are self-feeding at an early age (baby led weaning).  Our patent-pending design allows our baprons to grow with your child, meaning one Toddler bapron fits from 6 months all the way to 3T, and a Preschool Bapron will fit all throughout preschool and kindergarten!  This also means NO more bib drawers full of wrinkled bibs with stains, because our baprons are 100% waterproof and highly stain resistant!  They’re majorly durable, and rinse clean in the sink too, so you can go days upon days without ever having to wash them in the laundry (although you totally can… they’re machine washable/dryable)


BapronBaby® Baprons­ are designed with growing babes in mind.  From 6m-3T, the same Toddler Bapron shifts as they grow, allowing the same Bapron to fit comfortably throughout their entire toddlerhood! Because our baprons tie around the body and not their little necks, kids feel calm and comfortable.


Shop their full collection here


Review: Before Ronin arrived I ordered some everyday bibs and called it a day. Fast forward to exploring feeding, half his clothes were stained and I was on the search to find something that truly protected his clothes. Then I discovered Bapron, and the rest is history! I fell in love with this small business as the material is almost bathing suit like, easy to wash, doesn’t stain grows with the baby, and each design is unique! In addition the the feeding aprons they also make these floor mats that can go under the highchair to protect your floors and make it even more of a mess free experience! It doesn’t get much better than this brand so I hope you check them out! 













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