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60 Vegan Super Bowl Sunday Recipes












Recipe Roundup 




With Super Bowl Sunday tomorrow I thought I would do a quick round up of some of my favorite game day eats! From fresh new concepts to some of my first staples, here is 60 of the best of the best from salads to snacks, dips and desserts!!


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Mozzarella Sticks: 

Easy, cheesy and tastes just like the real deal! A must try!





Vegan Levain Style Salted Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies:

No explanation needed, because you just need these cookies!







Vegan Jalapeno Cheddar Corn Fritters with Hot “Honey”:

Hot and sweet and everything you need!




Vegan Everything Bagel Pigs in a Blanket:

Quick, easy, and flavor packed!! Simply pick up some frozen pastry dough and mini vegan cocktail weiners and you have an effortless app!!




Vegan Crispy Korean Bbq Tofu Sandwiches:

Its a vegan chicken sandwich with a the best sauce and cabbage slaw!




Vegan French Onion Pretzels:

Minimal ingredients, steps, game changing flavor! 






Vegan Crispy Tofu Sandwich with Chipotle Aioli:

Easy, crispy, packed with flavor and honestly the best fried tofu sandwich you’ll ever try!





Vegan Loaded Baked Potato Soup:

Easy, rich, and loaded with flavor. 




Vegan Crispy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich:

Crispy, crunchy, spicy and the perfect slaw. 





Vegan Crispy Hot Honey Chicken with Rosemary Waffles:

The best pairing that is life changing, don’t question it, just try it!





Sweet Sesame Cashews:

Roasted sweet cashews with a toasted sesame seeds, so addicting and can easily be made in bulk!!




Oreo Brownies:

It’s my classic brownies, but packed with chocolate cookies and notes of espresso!




Vegan Salted “Hot Honey” Nuts with Brown Butter:

Skip the plain Jane nuts and try these!




Vegan Chipotle Lime Cauliflower Tacos:

Tacos with veggies that don’t compromise with flavor!






Kale Guacamole:

It’s your staple guacamole recipe packed with kale!




Vegan “Honey” Mustard Bbq Brussels:

Sounds weird, but it’s so good! Bonus, you can use this sauce on countless dishes!





Vegan Tofu Satay with Peanut Dipping Sauce:

The easiest recipe that packs tons of flavor and plant protein!





Buffalo Hummus:

So easy, so good, can’t go wrong!!






4 Ingredient Vegan Chocolate Pecan Fudge:

4 ingredients, quick, easy, fool proof!!






1 Bowl M + M Chocolate Chip Cookies

A quick and easy cookie that’s packed with chocolate chips and M+M’s! Nostalgic and always a crowd pleaser!






Vegan Cronuts with Chocolate Ganache:

Everyone loves a donut and these yeast free cronuts made with pastry dough are guaranteed to be a huge hit! Quick and easy and you can serve with or without a dippings sauce!





Chili Cheese Sheet Pan Nachos:

Every party has to have nachos and these are for you!! It’s my staple nacho cheese that’s packed with plant protein and flavor paired with all the nacho fixings!!




Vegan Cheesecake Factory Avocado Egg Rolls:

If you’ve ever had one of these, you know just how good they are! This vegan version doesn’t compromise and they are perfect for the occasion!




Vegan Grilled Lemon Artichoke Dip:

Easy, packed with flavor and plant protein, a must try!






Crab Cake Sandwich with Remoulade Sauce

Longing for crab cakes?! This vegan crab cake sandwich is going to be your new bff!! Easy and packed with so much flavor!!





Easy Soft Baked Rosemary + Parmesan Pretzels

Recipes that feature literally a handful of ingredients and are flavor packed?! You need these easy vegan Soft Baked Pretzels! Such a fun modern flavor, they were hands down my favorite pretzel variety!






Texas Caviar:

I cannot say it enough, this recipe took me by surprised as it’s 99% veggies and a handful of other ingredients yet I could eat it by the buckets! Affordable and can easily be made in bulk!






Olive Tapenade with Garlic Toast:

The perf small bites with a glass of wine?! You’re going to love this Olive Tapenade with Garlic Toast!! Quick and effortless and can easily be made in bulk for guests!






Jalapeno Zucchini Burger:

An easy zucchini burger that’s packed with flavor and a lil bit of heat. You’re going to love this Jalapeno Zucchini Burger!! 





Easy Vegan Funnel Cakes:

We rarely do a fried recipe on EDS, but I was curious about a vegan Funnel Cake and this one delivers! It’s quick, easy, nostalgic, and doesn’t compromise with texture or flavor. Pair with fresh berries or whatever you desire!






White Queso:

I love vegan nacho cheese, but I love the White Queso even more!! Packed with cashews, so much flavor and a little bit of heat. Guaranteed to be your newest obession!!





Brown Butter Rice Krispie Treats

Easy breezy and packed with marshmallows and a rich brown butter flavor! You don’t want to pass on this one!






Corn Salad with Basil Vinaigrette

If you’re looking for something veggie packed and effortless, this is it! While it’s typically seen more in the summer, it’s perfect for any season or reason. A must try!






Oven Roasted Baba Ghanoush:

This dish is typically made over a hot flame, but you can easily make it in the oven and it packs the same quality of flavor. It’s a night shade veggie, but nobody will ever throw you shade on the taste of this Oven Roasted Baba Ghanoush. 





Black Bean Dip

Believe it or not, underwhelming black bean dip does exist! Skip the jarred options and whip up this quick and easy recipe that packs so much flavor and a lil bit of heat!





Crispy Old Bay Potatoes with Vegan Remoulade Cream:

Every gathering needs carbs and these don’t disappoint! 





Buffalo Jackfruit Egg Rolls

These Egg Rolls need no sales pitch. It’s everything you dreamed of and more. Quick, easy, flavor packed and great for serving. You don’t want to miss it!!






1 BOWL Brown Butter Snickerdoodle Cookies

It’s your favorite cookie, but with MORE FLAVOR. If you love the classic version of this cookie, this one will blow your mind!






1 Bowl White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies

All you need is 1 bowl and a handful of ingredients! It’s your favorite cookie with no beating of butter or sugar, no flax eggs, and packed with flavor!





1 Bowl Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Just 1 bowl, no beating of sugar or butter, no flax eggs, and perfect for serving!





Grilled Corn and Avocado Salad

This recipe needs no sales pitch, because it’s just that good! Grilled corn paired with avocado and your favorite flavors to make for the perfect side dish!






Honeydew Cucumber Mint Lemonade

Every even deserves a fun drink and this is one of my favorites? Bonus, you can easily turn it into an adult beverage if desired. 






Easy Vegan Crab Cakes with Remoulade Sauce

When I would enjoy crab cakes, I loved the baked and not fried version. They were less greasy and packed more flavor, just like these! These are artichoke and chickpea based and perfect for any season. 





Easy Pico De Gallo

If there is one thing I love, it’s fresh pico! Bonus, it’s so easy to throw together and taste so much better homemade! Pair it with chips!







Easy Herb Cashew Cheese with Pickled Blueberries

If you loathe homemade vegan cheese, this recipe will quickly change your mind! It’s quick, easy, packed with flavor and the components go seamlessly together!






Watermelon Cucumber Mint Lemonade:

This recipe needs no pitch, because it’s just so easy and so good! No matter what the season or reason, it’s always a win!






Chickpea & Quinoa Burger:

This vegan burg is one of my favorites since I made it years ago! I recently revamped it and it was made countless times by readers within days of going live. I can’t recommend it anymore, because it’s just that good!





Rosemary Lemonade:

It’s your classic lemonade, sugar free, with notes of rosemary for a modern twist! It’s one of my personal favorites!






Green Goddess Potato Salad:

Again, Green Goddess dressing is so good!! Every party also needs potato salad, this one you don’t want to miss!!





Veggie Packed Sheet Pan Waffle Fries

It’s one sheet pan and tons of veggies! Packed with nutrients and plant protein, and paired with my staple cashew nacho cheese






Easy Cinnamon + Sugar Pretzel Bites

Quick, easy, and such a nostalgic bite! Pair with a sauce or just enjoy solo!






Oven Baked Churros:

No sales pitch needed. Quick and easy, oven baked, no greasy mess, and no fuss. You don’t want to miss these!!






1 Bowl Mint Cookie Sheet Cake

All you need is 1 bowl and a handful of ingredients! It’s naturally dyed, one of the easiest cakes and so good!






Nacho Cheese:

Every party has to have a good nacho cheese and this one packs so much flavor with the perfect texture!! I make this all the time!!






30 Minute Soft Baked Pretzels with Beer Cheese:

I don’t like beer, but I love me some vegan beer cheese! If you want to take a modern approach to vegan cheese, you’re going to love this dish!!







“Lobster” Roll:

I was never into red meat or poultry, but I loved seafood.. specifically lobster! While you can’t replicate real lobster to the T, you can create the flavor profile that will keep you longing for more! If you love innovative vegan eat that are perf for entertaining, you have to try these!






Easy Pretzel Bites

So quick and easy to throw together and pairs seamlessly with my staple vegan nacho cheese! 







Vegan Grilled Mushroom Tacos with Chimichurri Sauce:

Easy, flavorful, and veggie packed! It’s a win win!





Margarita Cupcakes

Whether you love a margarita or just fun modern vegan treats, you’re going to love these naturally dyed vegan Margarita Cupcakes!





Buffalo Jackfruit Dip

This recipe needs no introduction is game changing whether it’s game day or not! A must try! Just a handful of ingredients and you can modify the texture as you see fit!






Avocado Fries

Created back in 2014, this one of the oldest EDS recipes that is still live today! It’s quick, easy, and I promise, so good!






Roasted Garlic and Rosemary Dip

If I had one favorite dip, this would be it! It’s so easy and packs tons of plant protein and flavor. A must try!






Lemon Dill Cucumber Salad

For when you’re craving a lighter dish, this one delivers! It’s packed with flavor and texture, light, yet filling. It’s a great way to break up the traditional indulgent eats.






Beet Burgers

This burger was created years ago and has remained to be one of the top viewed recipes and one of my favorites! Love vegan burgers that provide flavor you’ll remove time and time again?! You need this vegan beet burger!







Everything Bagel Soft Baked Pretzels

These pretzels are so easy and are such a crowd pleaser! Pair them with anything or enjoy them solo, they are such a win!






Buffalo Cauliflower

My first random try at making buffalo cauliflower years ago, and it evolved to be one of the top viewed recipes on EDS with nearly 20k saves! Easy, crispy, and a foodie staple!






















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